Jewish lobby & effects on US Goverment

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  1. I bought this movie called Sergeant York with Gary Cooper. It came with a second disc called special features.

    They talk about Warner studios and the Jews that run hollywood.
    Some US senators banned the movie based on the neutrality act.

    The accused the studios of promoting propaganda and trying to sway the american public to go to war with Germany.

    Then I thought what is going on right now in the middle east.
  2. So not only are you a bad trader but like to bring up racist topics....

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    You have to give him credit for being a well rounded a$$hole.
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  4. Im sorry you feel that way, but what do you call this imigration bill in congress. I just found it intresting what happend 67 years ago may still be going on today.

    Lighten up man, this is America we can say what we want over here.
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  6. Actual I am of Dutch decent.
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  9. Your paranoid...relax.
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