Jewish holiday

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  1. Excuse us but we have to put this crisis on the back burner and go bob at a wall with our hats on.
  2. I wonder what the comments would be if this were some Christian holiday. Political correctness demands we don't ask those kinds of questions. Supposedly the entire world is about to collapse, but we can wait for this? Jews ain't winning any friends on this one.
  3. can you elaborate on your post? I mean, is the some point to your mindless comment? Or did you jsut grow up in a gutter somewhere and learned to blame certain groups of people for everything that you don't like?!

    Is there one fucknig "jew" in the adminsitration or in the cabinet? What about the treasury secretary or federal reserve president. If I am not mistaken when Greenspan was fed chairman we didn't have this crap happening!
  4. Some think the holiday is having an impact...

    Mon 29 Sep 2008 05:53:00 PM BRT
    New York, Sept 29. Secretary Paulson is on the wires late in the day in a press conference at the White House expressing his sheer disappointment with the failure to pass the government bailout bill. Paulson has stressed the importance and need for a bill to be passed in order to avoid a severe strain on the US and global economy that is sure to affect Main Street. Paulson has said that they have sufficient tools in their kit but these tools are not sufficient. Paulson says that he will continue to work with lawmakers and this is too important an effort to let fail. USD/JPY the key gauge for risk appetite has since rallied mildly from 104.20 to 104.40 and then back to 104.25. The markets are expected to lighten up considerably over the next two days as the Jewish New Year holiday commences. As such, no deal is expected to officially go through now until late Wednesday night or Thursday morning at the earliest.
  5. I'm Jewish, and I agree.

    It's ridiculous that Congress has recessed because of religious holiday -

    Would they break for Kwaanza or Ramadan given what's happening?
  6. The voice of reason.

    I'm hostile towards all religions equally. They really make imbeciles out of otherwise potentially rational people.