Jewish Headmaster sent two teenagers home because they were “too blonde”

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  1. Tuesday, January 27, 2009
    Jewish Headmaster sent two teenagers home because they were “too blonde”

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    Two beautiful teenager girls were sent home, because Jewish Headmaster hated Aryan looking girls.

    Girls were too Aryan looking to Jewish Headmaster and they were sent home.

    There was loophole in schools rules, the strict dress code at the school mentions that no pupil, girl or boy, should dye their hair in “unnatural colors”. Apparently for the Jews blond hair is unnatural, actually only people of White Aryan race have blond hair, and it’s the most natural thing to our race.
  2. If I prove how wrong you are on that, will you gracefully admit to your mistake?
    No? Death before contrition?

    Well, in that case just kindly go fuck yourself.
  3. Shoot, I thought looking at teenage girls (though not necessarily teenage Russian sluts) would give you a stiffy...

    You can't prove I am wrong and I did not make any mistake. You might be able to prove the article I posted is wrong or the author of the article is mistaken...I have no idea if it is true or false, I didn't write the article...

    What, did you wake up on the wrong side of the needle again today?

  4. Overly sensitive and reactive, aren't you?

    Especially on this holy day of Passover...

    Oh wait, you are an atheistic Semite...

    Never mind.

  5. Hey Optional777 aren't those girls much to old for your liking.
  6. I'll amend the statement:

    Overly sensitive and reactive and fully in denial, aren't you?

  7. What one...

  8. No, I meant what one...

    What about the initial post?

  9. What about the initial post?

    It speaks for itself, there is a link...

    Don't you find it funny?

    An article like this could easily be found at

  10. So if the same article was on it would be okay?


    If it was on SNL would it be okay?

    If it was on Curb Your Enthusiasm would it be okay? Larry David parodies Jews all the time.

    It was a funny parody article, made even funnier because it played on the fact that there are lots of Jewish guys who crave the shiksa blonds...

    In popular culture

    Shiksas are a frequent subject in Jewish comedy, and the term makes occasional appearances in non-Jewish comedy as well. Comedian and social critic Lenny Bruce wrote a short story about shiksas, and Philip Roth's novel Portnoy's Complaint is about a Jewish man's sexual exploits and frustrations with shiksas as well as Jewish women.

    In "The Serenity Now" episode of Seinfeld a number of Jewish characters show attraction towards Elaine, a gentile. To explain this, George says that she has "shiksappeal" and explains that Jewish men like women who "don't remind them of their mothers".

    In an episode of the The Nanny, Fran Fine describes Maggie, the eldest girl in her care, as a "shiksa goddess" to a Jewish boy she wants Maggie to date. In a later episode, when Fran tries to fake a heart attack, Maggie explains that "Jewish guilt" doesn't work on shiksas.

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