Jewish Female Judge Allows Florida Gays To Adopt

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  1. From the fall of Rome file...

    As Howard Stern once said about Michael Jackson, "if he loves children so much then why are there only boys at Neverland."

    The ruling means that Martin Gill, 47, and his male partner can adopt two brothers, ages 4 and 8, whom he has cared for as foster children since December 2004.
  2. I've asked you this at least once before, and I'll ask you again.

    What relevance is it to this event that the judge is Jewish?

    Are you insinuating that Jews are responsible for what you perceive and imply as moral decay?

    If so, just say that directly.

    Regarding the fundamental story, I guess all I have to say is better two, loving, nurturing same sex parents than one or two abusive heterosexual ones.

    It's a complicated issue, but no empirical studies I know of show children of gay couples at any societal, developmental, educational or financial disadvantage than those from heterosexual couples.

    I am not advocating a policy preference, but I definitely think there are larger issues in this country to be concerned about.
  3. 1. Yes I believe Jews and secular Christians are contributory factions in the demise of morality. Wall Street and the media being just two prime examples.

    2. I find it distressful when laws enacted by elected legislators are over turned by activist judicial appointees on shaky Constitutional grounds.

    3. The argument 2 fags vs. "abusive" heterosexuals is specious. By that reasoning one should prefer a murderer as adoptive parent to Brittany Spears.

    4. Gays are FAR MORE prone to incidents of alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, transmittable sexual disease and infidelity than married heteros.

    5. It's virtually impossible to adopt in America. The demand outstrips supply. If there was a need for homo adopters it would be perhaps a mitigating factor but with American couples having to adopt third world babies it makes no sense to facilitate homos.

    6. It's just another way for the secular community to say fuck you to those of traditional faith.

  4. There is a deep correlation between countries and empires that fall when morality falls.

    Take a history lesson.

    Although all the secular's agree so much with the demise of morality that they would never care to actually learn what history can teach them and they would never actually care that this fall in morality would lead to a fall in their own country.

    Someone needs to write a book on how human nature loses its appreciation for freedom after a couple generations and than takes it for granted to such a high degree that they soon lose it entirely until the process starts all over again.
  5. TGregg


    While I don't know if I favor a gay couple adopting a couple boys, the adoption market has a short supply of infants. Toddlers are more easy to adopt. And when you get to 10, 11 or 12 you can take your pick.

    It's pretty understandable. Any kid over say 2 years has either had his last couple years living with parent(s) at the end of their rope and/or a couple years after that of shuttling around from one foster home to another. Foster parents do a yeoman's work taking on additional kids, but it's not the same as raising your own.

    In this case, we have a 4 year old who's been with the "couple" practically since he was born. And the other for half his life. If they can be foster parents then why can't they be real parents? If it's bad for gays to adopt, then it's bad for them to be foster parents.

    In this case, clearly the government agency wanted to keep the brothers together, else the infant would have been adopted right quick. Now that they are older, it's even harder to place them both together.

    But then I think back to the Gay Pride parades in San Fransisco, and other events they've staged. The gay community (and strangely the male side more than the female) has a high percentage of very public nutjobs.

    Ultimately it appears we can do exactly what the founding fathers intended. Namely, use states as laboratories. Florida can try it out. If it fares poorly, other states can point to Florida and say "#$@& that!" Or if it works well, other states can follow. I'm hopeful it works. Better families for more kids sounds like a nice thing.

  6. Pabst, maybe you are confusing homosexuals with pedophiles?
  7. I just wonder why so many homo couples don't seem to raise little girls.
  8. We are loaded with Liberal Judges, the legacy of Clinton.

    I think where a lot of us have a problem, is their reticence to protect the populace, lest it infringe upon some dirtbags constitutional rights.

    an example is the William Kennedy Smith 'trial', where a Liberal Judge would not allow witnesses crucial to prove Smith was a compulsive rapist. Years later, he was caught again, and again, and finally admitted it. More had to suffer, but his 'rights' were protected.

    In the same manner, I can see a guy like Pabst torn. while it's great these kids have a home, what if they are molested? Is there a correlation between homosexuality and child molestation? Statistically, I don't know. But if it happens, heads will roll. And that Judge has some 'splainin' to do.

    There just isn't a right and wrong here. The decisions made will vacillate along with the politics of the day. In ten years, the decision will be reversed with Conservative judges.

    Look back to when you were a kid. Would you have rather been raised in an institution, or had a couple gays bring you up? At least you'd have had a home, pretty good food, you'd have dressed well, and had dance lessons (sorry. Couldn't resist).
  9. Past sanity, who worships Adolph Hitler, talking about the Jews and Secular Christians being responsible for a decline in "morality..."

    Really too funny...

  10. Kind of like your statement that 'there are no black hockey players in the NHL'? Just an assumption on your part?

    : )
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