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  1. What the hell was wrong with Tom Brady in that game?

    He has lost 3 straight playoff games.
  2. To much of this will soften even the most determined man.

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    Don't forget to give the jets some credit.

    Pats can't run. They run only if they are tearing teams apart with the pass. If you shut down the pass, the Pats in trouble. Mostly, no one in nfl can shut them down, but look at Jets corners. Best in the game. The Jets secondary fell apart right before last game when losing Lenord. They lost more games, trying to figure it out. Their own fault, they had nothing to back him up with. How can you be one player away from losing your defensive in a league made for teams who can adjust? Smith was not his backup as announcers were saying. Smith is the hard hitter, for run and over the middle. One dimensional, but great player, awesome at his role, but not great in space. And he was back there with Lenord every game. The whole rhythm messed up. Pool has found a grove and taken Lenord's spot. They shut it down. Nothing the Pats could do. Trick plays almost got them to win game. Pats coach. But that is all they had. Jets were built to beat Pats, and did. Pats have a ton of picks in draft and will counter. Brady is prolly best QB ever, on sheer will to win and confidence, not his fault at all. No running game and no one open.
  4. I agree with what you are saying, but Brady still did not look like Brady. He looked confused and had happy feat. Not as precise as we are used to. I dont feel like the Jets caused that.

    But give the Jets credit, if they make the super bowl, they will have beaten quarterbacks with a combined 8 super bowls appearances and all on the road.
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    I agree with you, yesterdays game was a true testament to Cromartie, and Revis skill, there were times when Brady had 5 seconds in the pocket, and could not find anyone open, 99% of the time if you give Brady that kind of time he will carve you apart all day, alot of the sacks brady took yesterday he had all kinds of time before he got sacked, he definately looked out of his element, and i give most of the credit for that to the jets corners.

  6. Can't believe you guys haven't figured out why, since Spygate, the Patriots offense can blow teams out during the regular season but struggles against the same defenses during the playoffs. And, it has nothing to directly do with Spygate.

    I've cleearly noticed that, since Spygate, teams that are in contention to possibly make the playoffs and face the Patriots intentionally play a very simplified and basic defense against the Patriots. Consider the NY Giants regular season game against the Patriots before they faced them in the Super Bowl. The Giants did not show any complicated blitz packages or coverages to the Patriots. In the Superbowl, the Giants ran some very complicated blitz and coverage packages that coufused Brady and caused him to be sacked a lot of times. The Giants admitted after the regular season game or after the Superbowl, I can't remember which, that they only ran a simple defense in the regular season game against the Patriots.

    The Jets and Steelers did the same thing this year, the Ravens did the same thing last year, on and on. I'm sure I'm not the only person watching who can tell the difference between the complicated defenses teams normally play and the simplified defense they play against the Patriots. There could be some guys with the networks who notice it too, but keep quiet about it.

    How else can you explain Brady's not being able to recognize the Jet's defense and throwing an early pick after not throwing one for something like 300+ passes? He clearly had not seen that defensive package before when he played the Jets.
  7. Brady's foot was killing him by that game. JETS = Just Ended Their Season