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  1. Watch for the bottom in JBLU coming at 9.3. Consider going long at that level. If it breaks through, forget it. However, go long on a bounce of that level then ride it to 12. If it reverses at 12, go short and ride down to 3 and possibly watch as JBLU flies off into bankruptcy.

    Big head and shoulders on the chart.
  2. This drops to low 9's, I may buy it.
  3. Airlines seem attractive now given the massive selloff in the past few weeks

    I don't see oil going much higher
  4. Dont try to "fade" the airlines. I say 9.5 is the limit, but I could be wrong.

    Oil is going much higher from here. Think of the recent downtrend in oil as a temporary correction. We will see 70, we will see 80. It only goes higher from here.

    I believe JBLU will bounce and maybe hit the 12-13 area and then it will bounce into bankruptcy like all these airline operations do eventually.