Jet Li follows Jim Rogers, dumps America for Singapore.

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  1. Following in the footsteps of Chinese actress Gong Li, kung fu superstar Jet Li has also confirmed that he has now taken on Singaporean citizenship.

    The kung fu legend was born in Beijing, China, but has held an American passport for the last two decades.

    In response to the massive public interest in his latest move, he said:

    "This is funny because I have been holding a US passport and staying in the United States for 20 years, nobody said anything about it. Now I come to Singapore, everybody seems to be curious to know why I'm coming here."

    The truth is: Jet Li's settling down in Singapore has been an open secret for some time. Back in June 2009, he bought a S$20 million (RMB100 million, USD 16 Million) house in the city state's swanky Bukit Timah district.
    Singapore law does not allow dual citizenship, so assuming they stuck to the rules, Jet Li is no longer a US nor Chinese citizen. But who knows, right? He's a superstar and he's rich. They can always bend the rules for him.

    Are many Rich people now dumping the American passport for a foreign one? What happened to the American dream?
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    Did Jim Rogers dump his US citizenship and passport? I don't think he did.
  3. In the past few months, an entire group of CIA employees as a group (worked in departments together) all just gave it up (filed for immediate early retirement) and have all moved to South America.

    MANY in the past 12 to 18 months are bailing (those with resources......CASH and KNOWLEDGE) from the US and this trend is expanding.
  4. He did not.

    He keeps saying: Why do I have to pay for the mistakes others made?

  5. Which country did they move to? They may have inside info which one is worth to move to? not sure they have the freedom to do that given the nature of their job, unless it is arranged by usg.
  6. Do you have a link to a legitimate source?
  7. his whole life and business is benefiting from others mistakes.