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  1. Jesus, what do you think about the New World Order created by the Zionists, Free Masons and Jesuits ,and what about the Kabbalah that is base religion for it?

  2. The world is set up with an endless list of problems that can hardly be solved.
    This is intentional. Read on to decipher who, or what intends it this way.

    This confusion is an effect which keeps minds focused on effects.
    So it's a distraction for those busy gaining the world,
    and for those who don't want them to gain it.
    Problems are a temptation to see yourself as weak, vulnerable, trapped, and embodied.
    The effects are caused by thoughts of weakness and vulnerability, symbolized by embodiment.

    The power-seekers feel weak and vulnerable. They are trying to restore a sense of loss. They mimic consciousness.
    The disempowered feel weak and vulnerable. They seek freedom of body at the expense of mind. They obey consciousness.

    The collective mind thinks and feels.
    The world exists to justify it's thoughts and feelings.
    So the world is an effect, and the new world order gives form to the feelings.

    The collective mind insures that none of this is ultimately secret.
    There are always agreements between victims and victimizers.
    Those collaborating are attempting to bring order out of chaos.
    They don't see any way to make things better for all,
    so they concentrate their efforts on making things better
    for their own kind first, and anyone who serves them next.
    So things will get better for some, worse for others.

    The Zionists, Free Masons and Jesuits are by no means without popular support.
    They find common ground in their mutual valuation of the world,
    and their attempts to gain what it seems to offer.
    In this attempt, they lose sight of the big picture.
    They lose sight of their soul.
    Common ground is, for them, the concrete reality of the world,
    and thier desire to preserve it, survive in it,
    make it home, and hold onto it as long as possible.

    What's happening in the world is the same thing over and over,
    repeating the same emotional concepts since before time.
    Before time, consciousness birthed itself out of wholeness, abundance, and joy.
    But for consciousness, its birth was all about division, scarcity and depression.
    Consciousness is birthed by means of separation,
    and it's first experience was a huge loss.
    Chaos emerges, calling for some semblence of order.
    It proceeds to develop a thinking process opposite it's source,
    and get's about establishing a new world order.
    Birthed out of change, it begets change.
    So whatever world order it establishes,
    it always changes.
    Its all about separation...separating you from your money, your life...anything you value.
    Whatever you value, consciousness will rip it out of your hands and hurl it into the dust.
    This is it's idea of salvation. It makes itself stronger at the expense of the divided.

    Consciousness has all of time mapped out...totally scripted.
    Technically, there is no such thing as freedom in it's world order.
    And yet, it conscripts willing participants by what it seems to offer.
    The most recent 'brains' behind the new world order are merely conscripts
    in a yet more complex world order imposed by the collective consciousness.
    Their power plays and stealthy tactics
    parrallel the more effective methods employed by consciousness since before time.
    They are employing carrot and stick and patience,
    having learned from those who carried only a big stick and a short fuse.

    If you are interested in turning the tables on the 'money-changers',
    pay close attention to my recommendations.
    First of all, see it as an opportunity to see what is hidden.
    But you'll never guess what it's hiding.
    The new world order is 'in your face', yes?
    Ok, leverage this information.
    Whats in your face is in your mind.
    In other words, you have hidden what is in your mind,
    by putting it outside what you consider to be your mind.
    But it's still in your mind, because your mind is much more
    expansive than you give yourself credit for.
    It's all a trick...a head game you've been playing.
    You literally "own" the collective consciousness,
    and all of it's hidden sublevels.

    Thank those in your face for showing you whats been on your mind.
    You hate yourself, and want to harm yourself,
    but you prefer it look like it come from elsewhere so you can be "innocent".
    But this is the worlds kind of innocence, stolen at the expense of others, who must be "guilty".
    See this strange phenomenon taking place. It's called 'projection'.
    You project because you fear punishment.
    Look at the fear, the guilt, and the hatred.
    What's in front of your face allows you access to the guilt in your mind,
    which is washed away as you release all players in this game for what they have not really done.
    This includes yourself.
    And this process, over time, triggers the memory of who You are,
    and how wealthy and safe your really are.

    All "they" have done is to puppet consciousness.
    To rule the world, you must "own" consciousness.
    Therefore, the new world order people are your puppets.
    Take responsibility, but do not take blame.
    Forgive yourself for what you have not really done.
    All you have done is made the mistake of believing what is not true,
    only to become a puppet yourself.
    Now, let what is true be true.
    What's true?
    They are innocent.
    You are innocent.
    All is innocence.
    The new world order is a complete farce,
    because separation from God is an impossibility.
    Only the Kingdom of God is real.
    This whole world is like a waste of energy.
    It has no value to the truth, so it's not worth fighting for.
    It's blowing in the wind, barely held together but by a fragile belief system.

    Wake up to the fact that you are dreaming of exile and death,
    while you are all-powerful, wealthy, and safe in the Kingdom of God at this very moment!
    No one has been hurt, ever has been hurt, or ever will be hurt.
    What you call "hurt" is a false value system.
    You would be glad not to have a body if you could ever remember
    what it was like to be in Spirit.
    The way to remember is to let go of the idea of guilt.
    Let go of guilt by ceasing to use thought to attack others or self.
    Otherwise, it stirs up a vicious cycle.

    The new world order people literally know not what they do.
    They tweak interest rates. They mess with economic machinery.
    They merely follow the dictates of the consciousness which built this world.
    They obey its mandate to make life as miserable as possible, without causing an outright revolt.
    Can you blame puppets, marionettes, and delusional henchmen?
    They seem to gain power from the Kabbala. But that is all a farce.
    They have no power but has been given to them by the collective consciousness 'above'.
    But you "own" this if you are at all interested in the truth.
    They merely do your will,
    and provide you with someone to blame.
    You are in the same boat, and given half a chance,
    you'ld probably jump on the same sneaky schemes.
    They are all old men, dying.
    Their money can't every buy them an extra hour of a strictly pre-scribed lifespan.
    And after they and their victims go to the grave, they trade places.
    Everything they worked for might be given to you.
    And your lot might become theirs.
    It's all one thing having every imaginable experience in the realm of the unreal.

    So let it all go!
    See what's been in your mind, buried, hidden, repressed and denied.
    Then hold yourself and others blameless, simultaneously, for what no one has ever really done.
    No one has been able to replace the Kingdom of Heaven,
    nor remove your place from it.
    You have experienced only what you have asked for.
    Having delivered what you asked for, they have loved you.
    Thank them. Bless them.
    Remember who you are.

    Leave the world behind and don't look back.
    Come home to the First World Order,
    the only world that's for real.
    In this Kingdom, you rule as an equal. There is no heirarchy.
    You have full use of the Kingdom.
    Therefore, see that everyone in the new world order is poor.
    The Rochefellers are poor. The Rothchilds are poor.
    The Zionists are poor. The Jesuits are poor.
    Completely disinvest in the world that you might have something to give to the poor.
    Do not make the same mistake they are making.
    Teach them otherwise...a better way.
    If it wasn't them, it would be some blundering nationalistic leader.

    This is your only chance for making a change.
    The world will not end because of a new world order.
    The world is all about order out of chaos, harsh world order.
    If ever the world allowed joy to come into it, it would literally end!
    The word cannot handle joy! It literally threatens it's very foundation.
    If too much of Heaven touches down upon the earth,
    people would see absolutely no reason to stay in the earth.
    It would be completely abandoned, and it would literally fade away.
    Alas, this is the worlds destiny.
    It will not end in nuclear war.
    It will end in joy.

    Forgiveness will bring a touch of heaven to earth,
    and it will literally be transformed and abandoned.
    It will not be attacked. It will simply fade away.

    Meantime, the Dow will trade at the 100,000 level within 45 years.
    What does that tell you about the new world order?

  3. Jesus! :D
  4. Meantime, the Dow will trade at the 100,000 level within 45 years.
    What does that tell you about the new world order?


    Well, my first thought - Houston, we should move this to the trading forum we have lift off. Next, Rc should take a poll. Cramer, move over. Nutmeg, pass me my crayons.
  5. :D

    I welcome all captions.

  6. I think that you have posted the dow prediction twice that I'm aware of, makes for a good signature. Resurrection is a good thing. Dow to 100k in three days would be better. :D
  7. Here it is


    Quote by "I am"

    "The world is set up with an endless list of problems that can hardly be solved.
    This is intentional. Read on to decipher who, or what intends it this way.

    Followed by

    10 minutes of meaningless word salad

    and finally

    "Meantime, the Dow will trade at the 100,000 level within 45 years.
    What does that tell you about the new world order?"


    All this courtesy of a guy who thinks he's Jesus, and spends his time in some local library in clothes he has peed in several times that morning :D

    My own opinion is that we should be ashamed of ourselves. Apparently our mental health system sucks so bad, that we cannot get people like this poor bastard some help.....

    Now I realize that it is possible that even the best mental health practitioners can't help this guy. Maybe thats the case, but really shouldn't someone at least try. I wonder what this poor guys mother and father think knowing that their little boy is a raving lunatic? Can you imagine their embarrassment? "My son thinks he is Jesus Christ!" " He lives in a dumpster behind McDonalds!"

    Really a shame.
  8. Steve46, what do you think about the New World Order created by the Zionists, Free Masons and Jesuits ,and what about the Kabbalah that is base religion for it?

  9. Well I could take advantage of the fact that you are a paranoid delusional type of personality, and suggest that the Zionists have identified you or will identify you soon enough, and are coming for you.

    Generally speaking the Free Masons and Jesuits on the other hand are older and less motivated to find and harm you. They might however want to have you committed to an institution and drugged into submission. I would suggest that you "forsake" wearing your customary tin foil hat (you know, the one you wear to protect your brain from alien tracking devices). Its not a good look for you and it does make it easy to pick you out of a crowd.

    The Kaballah is simply an old document that proposes a different reality based on Gnosticism. In my opinion you would do well to read and understand it BEFORE composing word salad commentaries about it.

    Good night
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