Jesus...the Messiah?

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    To the learned Jews in this forum, please run this by me one more time: Why is Jesus not embraced by mainstream Judaisim as the Messiah?

    (My question is really about Jesus and his teachings as recorded in the gospels and other sources; not the actions of extremists centuries after his death.)

    I hope it's not an offensive question. It's just a curiosity question.
    To my mind, Jesus seems a pretty strong candidate for Messiah.
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    Have you thought about the logic behind the Jewish argument?
    Why does Jesus have to fulfill the prophecies before he is the Messiah? You don't think he can be the Messiah until after he fulfills them?

    Messiah means "the anointed one".
    The Messiah is anointed by God. The anointing is what provides the authority and power to accomplish the tasks and to fulfill the prophecies. One, therefore, must be anointed by God as the Messiah before the prophecies are fulfilled.

    Your claims lack logic.
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    A.: Where does it say in the bible that prophets can only exist upon the conditions that you state? Have you ever heard the phrase " the traditions of man make the word of God of no effect"?

    B.: And according to Jewish tradition Jesus was not a virgin birth and Was Therefore the Son of David.

    C.: Deut 13 says that prophets will lead people along the lines of the commandments of God. When Jesus healed on the sabbath, He also showed the hypocrisy of the religious leaders who would care for their animals and refuse to heal people on the sabbath. Wisdom must be used in how to interpret the law, and that is what Jesus personifies.
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    Good question. I don't spend much time thinking about such things but this one has crossed my mind.

    What I see from the responses so far
    is not unlike what I/we see every day here on ET.

    Perceptions and interpretations of "facts", news, articles, scriptures, statistics, events and "evidence" vary widely. Even when looking at the exact same thing.

    MY point or conclusion is that few people are nearly as objective as they would like to think. We humans have a nasty habit of embracing or believing what we want to, especially if it supports our preconceived notions, and ignoring or dismissing everything that contradicts our belief or perception. A belief or perception that is often consciously chosen. But can be unconsciously chosen through indoctrination by parents, teachers or religious leaders.

    To make matters worse even those who honestly try to be open minded and objective are constantly bombarded with biased and distorted views of news, events and statistics. Often to the point of out right lies presented as "truth".
  7. Exactly. The evangelicals want to have it both ways: Descended from David (Jeremiah 23:5) and a virgin birth.

    One of the many, many inconsistencies and impossibilities within Christianity.
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    Thanks for the info, momo. Interesting points. Stuff not often discussed among jews and christians.
  9. Yes, and since you skipped over my two posts above addressing all your assertions, there is never a problem when you ignore the evidence...
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