jesus is god......lmao

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    "...there are really only three legitimate alternatives for the identity of Jesus Christ. He is either a liar, a lunatic or our Lord and God. Since Jesus claimed to be God, His claims are either true or false. If false, He must have been a liar, deliberately misleading the multitudes. Or, He was a lunatic, sincerely believing Himself to be God, when in reality He was just a man. However, if Jesus was a "good man," as most people now agree, how then could He be both good and crazy, or good and a liar? There is only one logically consistent alternative - He must have been telling the truth. In addition to the logical inconsistency, the remarkable historical, archaeological and manuscript evidence shows that Jesus was neither a liar nor a lunatic. Again, the only position left is that His claim is true. Jesus is Lord and God."


    i'll go with liar and/or lunatic.

    just who/what are you people worshipping?!?! if the man were alive today, you people would be like, "um that's who i worship?" :(
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    FYI your source quoted above is wrong. Jesus never claimed to be God, he claimed to be God's son. And not a one-in-the-same kinda thing either, but a seperate being.
  3. "However, Jesus and His inspired followers didn't mince words when they declared Him to be God (John 10:30-38, Matthew 16:13-17, Mark 14:61-64, John 14:6, Hebrews 1:8, Colossians 1:16, John 12:40-41 [quoting Isaiah 6:1-10])."
  4. face it, if jesus even ever existed, he was just a man--and a crazy one at that. if he were alive today, he would probably be an osama bin laden type character. you know, some primitive whacky religious nut claiming all kinds of nonsense. man, i'd love to see a guy like that claim he is "god." lmao

    so sadly shocking how it caught on like wildfire and people actually still believe this crap. :-/
  5. i officially declare jesus christ crazier than charles manson.
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    anything is have claimed to be a trader and are claiming to become the best trader in the world.....What does this make you?? a liar or crazy.......LMOA
  7. after trading for almost 5 years, at age 25, i'm capable of this:


    you tell me what kind of return i'm going to have, trading multiple markets around the world, by the time i'm 50.

    YEAH BABY!!!!!!

    p. s. don't change the subject. jesus christ was probably insane. lmao
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    this would make you crazy then.........:eek:

    Much love to you and your family in our days of celebrating you know what...may God bless you and your loved ones......
  9. An official declaration from Gordon Gekko?

    That office is filled with toy race cars, right?

  10. It's one thing to be an atheist and hold that opinion but quite another to actively push your agenda on other people. So tell me what is the difference between what you are doing and a born again Christian trying to spread the word?
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