Jesus Christ (What Christians, Jews, and Muslims Say About Him)

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  1. For Christians, Jesus is one of the three revelations of God, and Jesus is God the Son.

    What do Jews and Muslims say about Jesus Christ, about his Mother (Mary), and about the nature of his conception and birth?

    What is the status of Jesus Christ and his mother among Jews and Muslims.

    Atheists/others: you can also say what you think of Jesus, his mother, and about his conception/birth/status.
  2. His status is misunderstood by Jews and Muslims.
    His status is grossly misunderstood by Christians.

  3. You did not answer the question. How about this answer:

    What bad things do Jews say about Mary?
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    Well for one thing, she got knocked up, and not by her husband. ;)
  5. She was the very first Mormon
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    Jesus was just some weirdo of that time.

    There is no god and why would he send a human to tell us how to behave? Does he send a horse for horses and a fish for fishes?
    We can do what we want. Sin or be friendly, eat others or eat plants. There are absolutely no rules other than what the current power tells you to do. Its survival of the fittest. You are dead, you get born, live, die and are dead again. Death is not bad, its nessessary to sort out the weak and let the strong carry on and reproduce. There is no sense in it though. Completely senseless and we reproduce only because of our instincts, morale and believes which are all products of evolution. Those who fell the urge for suicide when there is no reason to live or reproduce cant reproduce because they killed themselfes. We are a product who carry on living even though it is senseless.

    Death itself is a creation of evolution to sort out the better optimised ones. Because humans are to intelligent they spent to much time being scared by death. I am not a racist who thinks tehre are good and bad. My philosophy is taht everyone who lives has automatically the right to live. If he is deaf and blind but others help him, then he has with this the right to live. If no one helpes him he loses his right.

    God is santa claus for adults. Nothing else.

    God started to exist when our brain evolved over a specific size. In the stone age we started religions and since then everybody has his gods. But the sky is empty.
    You want a reason why you live? Very simple. Because its possible. And that combined with billions and billions of trials and error resulted in the current liveforms on earth. Humans got a big brain because it was needed for our livestyle. Others can fly or swim, we got a big brain. Our soul is just an illusion that makes us believe we are. In reality there is no difference between humans and a tree. An organism that took its niche in the foodchain. Highly optimised but really all the same. 'Nothing changes us from a rat or flea. Btw. did u know that wales once developed from rats? We also once were all black until we moved away from Afrika when our brain was powerful enough to make clothes to withstand the cold.
    Human kind is a bug that will sort itself out. They will canibalise themselfes. Nature will take care of it. If we dont blow this planet up that is.
    There is no good or bad, right or wrong. People just make such things.
  7. What brings you to that conclusion ?
  8. maybe something like this:
    We all have read the tales told of Jesus in the Gospels, but few people really have a good idea of their context. Yet it is quite enlightening to examine them against the background of the time and place in which they were written, and my goal here is to help you do just that. There is abundant evidence that these were times replete with kooks and quacks of all varieties, from sincere lunatics to ingenious frauds, even innocent men mistaken for divine, and there was no end to the fools and loons who would follow and praise them. Placed in this context, the gospels no longer seem to be so remarkable, and this leads us to an important fact: when the Gospels were written, skeptics and informed or critical minds were a small minority. Although the gullible, the credulous, and those ready to believe or exaggerate stories of the supernatural are still abundant today, they were much more common in antiquity, and taken far more seriously.

    If the people of that time were so gullible or credulous or superstitious, then we have to be very cautious when assessing the reliability of witnesses of Jesus. As Thomas Jefferson believed when he composed his own version of the gospels, Jesus may have been an entirely different person than the Gospels tell us, since the supernatural and other facts about him, even some of his parables or moral sayings, could easily have been added or exaggerated by unreliable witnesses or storytellers. Thus, this essay is not about whether Jesus was real or how much of what we are told about him is true. It is not even about Jesus. Rather, this essay is a warning and a standard, by which we can assess how likely or easily what we are told about Jesus may be false or exaggerated, and how little we can trust anyone who claims to be a witness of what he said and did. For if all of these other stories below could be told and believed, even by Christians themselves, it follows that the Gospels, being of entirely the same kind, can all too easily be inaccurate, tainted by the gullibility, credulity, or fondness for the spectacular which characterized most people of the time.

    The Minor Evidence: Messiahs and Miracles Galore
    Even in Acts, we get an idea of just how gullible people could be. Surviving a snake bite was evidently enough for the inhabitants of Malta to believe that Paul himself was a god (28:6). And Paul and his comrade Barnabas had to go to some lengths to convince the Lycaonians of Lystra that they were not deities.
  9. Are you muslim? I am asking because it is the exact case written/told in quran about christians (not christianity or Jesus). They believe that the message of Jesus is not what is exposed on current day church books, and that the books has been corrupted and changed over time to suite the church and human interests. Their point is that the message has changed from the time of Jesus to something else today.

    If you are not a muslim, you just proved the case of muslims with respect to books written and followed by current day christians, with the difference that muslims believe in christianity as preached by Jesus. They are ordered to believe in Jesus Christ and his message, and told that the original message was changed, and that it is one of the reasons for God's re-sending his message one last time, but this time in word form so that one can change it anymore.

    Some people may think that muslims do not believe in Jesus. They do, but they believe in him as a prophet of God (not as God). They also believe in Moses (and all jewish prophets) as one of the many other god's prophets.

  10. Hmmm.....It seems you guys have your own dogmatics, priests, corporate organization, donation requests/ fund raising, and standard rules of conduct complete with moral judgements.

    Oh, I'm sorry....which religion were we speaking about ?
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