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Discussion in 'Politics' started by hcour, Apr 22, 2005.

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    I've just see a report on the news that confirmed rumors that 9 yr old Jessica Lunsford was buried alive by John Couey. She was apparently fully conscious, bound, and clutching a stuffed purple dolphin. She died of asphyxiation.

    Her rape and murder is horrible enough, but this is beyond depraved. That poor, beautiful, adorable little girl. Sometimes I really hate this world.

  2. Clearly John didn't kill her - it was the dirt that done it. He was too drugged up to know she was at risk when all he wanted was to hide her under some dirt 'till he had an opportunity to return her home safely. He'll get 20 years for involuntary manslaughter (what the hell is that?), and serve 5 for rape and kidnapping before being released - for good behavior - to a neighborhood near you.

    In Singapore they cane 'em & hang 'em, without a second thought. Then after a few months his defense attorney would appear on a reality television show testifying to what a low-life, lying POS his client was.

    Oh but, we were talking about America, land of the free .... nevermind.
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    Couey has just been sentenced to death. I'm only sorry they're not going to take him out back of the courthouse, make him dig a hole, then bury him in it.

  4. We can learn much from how the Asian countries deal with criminals. But I prefer hcour's recommendation of an eye-for-an-eye punishment for this piece of shit.
  5. Couey can't die painfully enough, or slowly enough to please me. He should be beat to death with a tire iron, starting at his feet and working your way up.
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    I saw a part of a video of a stoning once of a woman who was raped and so thus charged with adultry..did not appear to be a fun way to die. I think it took several hours. The peace loving Muslims in the crowd seemed to be having a good time though. Too bad we cant try that with poor retarded john.

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    A history buff friend of mine told me that lots of sentences in medieval England read "turned over to the inn keeper". In those days the inn keeper could do whatever would please the crowd I guess... dang, drinking had a lot more dimension and depth in those days, nowadays... boring by comparison I'm sure.
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    I wrote what I did in anger and w/bitter sarcasm, guys. I don't really believe we should be burying people alive or torturing them, even monsters like Couey.

    Brandon, the stoning story is horrific. How could you possibly watch something like that? I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week.

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    Swift "justice", Mao style. The "head negotiator" in pic 3 is obviously not the "decider" in pic 4. Looks like the authorities did negotiate in good faith, maybe even for a whole few minutes.
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