Jesse "The Body" Ventura Sues TSA and Big Sis... GO JESSE!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Scataphagos, Jan 25, 2011.

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    About time. The court system should to be continually clogged up with these cases, to slow down "comrade central planner".
  2. It's amazing to me how any consideration of "Ventura for President" is dismissed out-of-hand.

    He's (1) a former Governor who advocated fiscal responsibility, and (2) and ex-Navy Seal. (I think "serving in the military" should be a requirement for ANYONE who would be Commander In Chief.)

    Jessee is WAAAAAYYYYY more qualified to be POTUS than that DUMBASS, POS, COMMUNIST ODUMBO! :mad: :mad:
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    You know the spin......marginalize him in the eyes of American sheeple. He does have a lot on the ball though, his main asset being common sense.
  4. So... American Blacks will vote STUPIDLY to elect a Brother to office? How about Herman Cain? How about Allen West?

    I'm a Honky and I'd vote for either of those guys.
  5. Sure, I for one would prefer to have my plane blow up before it lands, or crash into a building.
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    I feel much better knowing that an entire gov't agency is created "solely" to keep me warm and safe.
  7. Jesse appears to be a wacko with his conspiracy theories. don't see how that qualifies him for being the president.

    but i do support his fight against TSA.
  8. Jareds belief system exactly. He's one of yours.
  9. That's right. The'd LOVE to cram a camera and microphone up your ass to monitor your every move... just to make sure you're 'safe'.... whenever you do anything... go to the store, ride your bike, take a shit... "safe at all times"..
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