Jesse speaks, and says...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jesse J., May 4, 2003.

  1. Yes, the S&P will DEFINITELY see 950 early this week.

    With upside momentum, the buying will continue to feed on itself, especially buying by "squeeezed out" shorts.

    At 950, JJ will return to tell you his next thoughts. Maybe.
  2. himself


    Trees *DO* grow to the sky weed?
  3. the color of money.
  4. mixer


    jesse i hear you are smoking your own money
  5. Please go away. You are annoying. Alright already are the best. Thanks for all your help. Couldn't have made a buck w/o ya!

    Please, I left High School 20 years ago !

    Later JJ...
  6. Monsoon


    now we are refering to ourselves in third person???

    How HUGE am I?
  7. if you're mr. market.

    btw, I see in another thread that "alice" is back!
    mr. market couldn't stay away!

    welcome back mr. market!


    Please don't be stupid enough to tell me to go away. Better people have tried and tried. Obviously I cannot be stopped.

    I mean, obviously JJ cannot be stopped!
  8. IGNORE button...idiot!
  9. Hey, Jessie....

    Keep hope alive!
  10. Jesse, keep making your predictions, and back them up with your reasons for them. The more they turn out to be accurate, the more people will start to respect your calls and opinions.

    Learn from mrmarket's example. Just make your statements about the market, let others make their own judgements of you after you've proven yourself right enough times. If you try to tell others to respect you, even if your predictions turn out to be accurate, they'll just give you hassles. Let them come to respect you on their own without coaxing.
    #10     May 5, 2003