Jesse Owens Steals Spotlight at "Hitler's Olympics

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nutmeg, May 26, 2008.

  1. I'm not comparing Hilliary to Hitler or Obama to Owens (maybe I am). Hillary will have a tough time presenting and admitting to the media - defeat, and she fully and unconditionally supports Obama.
  2. Forget that, what would happen if some forrest gump style round eye wins at table tennis, or gymnastics at beijing?

    Its fortunate, their isnt a "mass gymnastics " event, lets face it, the beiing olympics are a farce, equal only to the US presidential race. Utter, complete, farce.

    What im saying, is that as far as the world is concerned, the beijing olympics are the be all and end -all, the "thing" that will define future history, it's more important at this point everyone clap hands and support communist econo-fascists, than it is to......well you get my drift.