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    Well guys, you've read all the Jesse Livermore books, you've read all the Jesse Livermore threads on ET. Now all that's missing is software designed after the techniques of the man himself. Well, now you can have it!!!!!!! LOL.'s going to cost you!

    This is actually a publicly traded company if you can believe that.

    Here is an excerpt:

    Our Jesse Livermore stock market trading software is designed to provide professional hedge fund and mutual fund traders investing tools consisting of:

    A computer-based trading system that also offers analysis and interpretation of data based upon a particular type of trading system-the Jesse Livermore digital trading and money management system.
    The system provides a proprietary trading system along with a real-time stock quotations and other market data all in real time.

    Subscribers or users of these programs will pay $1,500.00 per month with a 30-day free trial period. This relates to an annual fee of $18,000 per year.

    Wow, $18,000 a year! Well, I guess if you can run your account up to a billion dollars like good old Jesse, what's $18,000 a year right? LOL.

    I do not have any affiliation with this company.
  2. maverick,

    i interviewed that guy--lives in key west/ new orleans talks about the software in his book " trade like jesse livermore".

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    Here, I am going to give it away for free. You can make a living by watching out for this.

    This was called pivot points by Jesse. Basicly it is the double bottom/top formation. The first pivot is the turning point, the second is the confirmation. It played out very nicely on Friday...

    If you use it with RSI divergence, it works like a charm...
  4. u have to be kiddin' me, have u seen da charts examples? buy yhoo before da bubble and sell at da top just before da crash. all the other charts also are of stocks skyrocketin' 100s%.
    nothin' short of an insult.
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    Bit my man. That is how ya become da billionaire. Buy at da bottom, sell at da top. Boo ya! :D
  6. Gonna send my order in ASAP, something this good surely will be limited to the first 100 or some other restrictions.

    I mean we all know if a secret gets out and all the newbies jump on all at once it ruins the whole concept.......:D

    Mav, keep digging, you will soon be on the "BEST HELPER" list of getting new blood off the blocks to riches and fame........:D
  7. This is the same guy (Smitten) who wrote all the books on Livermore. He actually owns the name Jesse Livermore which he bought from the family :eek: . I pretty much have the code for the Livermore market key in WLD and I attach it to this post for anyone who wants it.
    What I don't get is how low could a family sink to sell their name and prostitute a legend like Livermore to a two bit guy like Smitten? I am loading up on that stock now - it is still cheap?

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    I'm amazed that this has not gotten more attention. There are countless threads dedicated to the bashing of Jim Cramer, various hedge funds, etc.

    These guys are charging 18k a year for their signals!!!!!

    Seriously man, ET must be going through one of it's regular wash cycles were traders are slowly blowing out and not posting or something. Or perhaps they are all down in chit chat spewing their racist BS. Who knows. I just thought this would get a little more attention, especially from the bashers. Shows you what I know.
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    Smitten's books about Livermore are well-written IMO. Lot's of worthy info in them.
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