Jesse Livermore predicted today's markets 80 years ago

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  1. ".. And that wasn't the worst thing about it. It was after that there was practically no opportunity for me to make big money. The market flattened out. Things drifted from bad to worse. I not only lost all i had but got into debt again-more heavily than ever. Those were long lean years, 1911,1912,1913 and 1914. There was NO money to be made. The opportunity simply wasn't there and so i was worse off than ever."

    p.169-Reminiscences of a Stock Operator


    Jesse said to go work at macdonalds's for 4 years and come back.
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    stock market might be shit these days.

    still the fx markets are still pretty active.. am sure if jesse was around today he would be a big fx trader too.
  3. Are you kidding, if you think this is a tight market sit back and can get 1000X worse.
  4. beware my friends...shit can last for a very very LONG time....:eek:
  5. hopefully it does, it is impossible to lose lots of money in this market- which in effect means it is free money for all as long as it lasts.
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    you are actually a good contrarian indicator... based on your posts, i predict that April through to the end of the year will be a much more volatile period..
  7. He would probably also be a big futures and commodities speculator.
  8. So..... you're saying, "the market will fluctuate"?.

    That's fresh.... and bold. How did you come up with that?
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    Actually, he was a big commodities trader..."King of Cotton" at one time. You should read the book, a lot of good insight.
  10. what are you guys talking about? have you seen the grinding it out journal?
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