Jesse Livermore - Market Key

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  1. Most investors use "price charts" to monitor the markets.

    Mr. Livermore kept colums of "price records" instead of "graphed price charts" to analyze the markets.

    I can not tell which "price value" he puts into his records. Was it the:

    a. the high?
    b. the low?
    c. open?
    d. close?
    e. other?

    Thank you for any insight, assistance or direction.
  2. I'd be interested also. I have never seen anything written on how he 'charted'. It is my undestanding he used symbols to represent price moves(?). His method may have been something he took to his grave. I sure would like to know if any of his papers or notes are in existence.
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    'How to trade in stocks' has a (unintelligible to me) description of his 'Market key' which I think someone then extrapolated from (filling in a few gaps) to create a Tradestation indicator which showed changes in trend (at least historically, like all indicators).
  4. Price involves pivotal points

  5. Hey Nutmeg,

    Thank you for your post.

    "How to Trade in Stocks" - by Jesse Livermore or a recently updated and expanded version by Richard Smitten can help you.

    My original question was answered by - Hook N Sinker - the the "Trading Forum" - please refer to there - under the same thread title.

    I have since posted a further question there if we have any Livermore - Market Key - afficionados "in the house".
  6. Hey mokwit,

    Thank you for posting.

    I am interested in getting more information regarding the programming of Mr. Livermore's - Market Key.

    I am familiar with Andras Nagy's book - "The Secret of Livermore" - Analyzing the Market key System".

    Is this who you might be referring to?

    Thanks again.