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  1. I have read a couple great books on Jesse Livermore.

    One thing I did not make out (I must have missed it) is what price did Mr. Livermore use for his maket key ananlysis.

    What is the: open, high, low, or close.

    Does anyone in this forum have any thoughts on this?

    Thanks - pjones2012
  2. mounafia


    open, high, low, or close for a stock and in a day

    open = price at the opening of the market this day
    High = the higher price of the day for this stock
    low = the lower price of the day for this stock
    close = the price at the closing of the day
  3. Why isnt this thread in Chit Chat? There's no substance here.
  4. ........listen to the pot call the kettle black. :cool:
  5. mounafia

    Thank you for your response. After reading your answer, I looked back and realized immediately that I worded my question very poorly - sorry.

    Mr. Livermore's "market key" which he put into his book - originally in his 1940 edition - "How to Trade in Stocks" lists a price for each day.

    I am not sure which price of the day he uses:

    open, close, high or low

    Thanks again for your response.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks for any assistance.:)
  6. I don't know any subtle way to break this news to you but the book you're referring to was meant to be a cruel "joke". Livermore didn't mean to reveal anything of value in it. It's a bunch of mathematical jibberish. Considering the number of times Livermore went from rags-to-riches-back to-rags, he didn't practice what he preached and/or he never really knew what he was doing to begin with.
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    Isnt it none of the above?
    His prices were pivot points, looking for breakouts or breakdowns from. To see if he could trend with it. He waited for a cross of the pivot. Doesn't matter anyway, he couldn't hold madoff's jock.
  8. Hey MktObserver4u,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I posted in "chit chat" and "technical analysis" to boot.
  9. Nazzdack,

    If in deed the pot called the kettle black that would not make a whole lot of sense. Now would it? Point well taken. LOL:D
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    wow, and you do? atleast he made a fortune couple of times. so what he failed, he did better than most people anyway and lived majority of his adult life being rich.

    so stop saying he didn't know what he was doing because he is obviously better than you.

    ET continues to amaze.
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