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  2. Reading through some of the headlines, one says that he made $10-mil from a $10 stake. Back then $10-mil was a shitload of money. (Like turning a $1k stake into $1-bil today.) He must have been seriously ill to have not taken most of that out of the market permanently and semi-retired at some point.

    What a great cautionary tale.
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    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I did not know that Google had old clippings like these, searchable. Great to read these old stories about him.
  4. Yes thank you ! the AI... :)

    For me his professionnal career is really amazing.

    Cotton... the plant who can wear us... how not to love it ?
    Cotton is a great exemple too for the infinite world ressource... how can cotton supply become scarce ? It's only relativly scarce... And if we remove time... :D
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    You're welcome. Unfortunately many of the articles are "pay per view" but there are also many good full articles listed for free as well. Like looking through a portal in time.
  6. yes exactly the same here... 3$ for a 80+ years article... Expensive = I boycott... And if everyone boycott, the price will get lower :)

    That's the true supply and demand... ( it's hard to speak of supply in the digital world... hahah again a proof of the exponential economy... ).