Jesse Jr. going to jail

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  1. Well, kind of. It's more a resort he'll be vacationing at. He gets 30 months and the wife gets a year. Now he can run for gov. and say, hey vote for me. I already got the jail time out of the way.
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    Meanwhile in other news

    The Reverend Jesse Jackson, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict, made
    this proclamation several days ago-

    "I want all African Americans to know that it is time to boycott the whole
    state of Florida!!! No concerts, conventions or ball games. No vacations in
    the sunshine state and no orange juice. Stay away from Florida. Boycott
    anything FROM Florida!"

    Fox News noted that almost instantly, the property values in Florida shot up
    and vacation spots began to sell out. The crime rate is expected to continue
    to fall to record lows until the boycott is over.
  3. My dad was born and raised in Chicago. I grew up hearing stories about Chicago corruption -- corrupt businesses, corrupt unions, corrupt politicians.

    He used to say to me, "No matter how corrupt you believe Chicago is, it's worse -- much worse."
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Anyone here actually willing to bet against me that Jackson Jr. will be re-elected to public office by the people of chicago immediately upon getting out of prison?
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    Not me. I'm with you. It's practically a sure thing.

    African voters simply do not and never have cared about integrity.
  6. I think Jr. is done with running for office. Illusions of grandeur have been smashed. At some point people,(leftists and blacks), probably thought this stooge could be president, laughable as that is to thinking people.
    Dad is getting old and Jr. will probably take over Race Bating Inc. when he gets out of the federal country club. Much easier to skim money in that racket, and there's lot's more of it. He's black. Crooked as they come. Can lie with a straight face, even when caught in the lie. That's talent for the job in and of itself. Politically connected. Perfect for the job.
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    Tsing Tao

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    Don't laugh too long. Obama got elected didn't he? Twice.
    Good point.
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    Max E.

    The people in Jackson Jrs district elected him unanimously 70% plus of the vote while jackson was in belleview having a mental breakdown, and after he had been indicted for fradulent use of campaign funds.

    There is literally nothing jackson could do that would cause them not to vote for him, its all just a matter of whether or not he wants in again.

    You are right though, its probably easier for him to get rich race hustling with zero oversight so that is probably what he will do.


  10. Obama did get elected, twice. Maybe Jesse does have a shot at the WH. :eek:
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