Jesse Jackson: Black investment banks not getting Blackstone IPO action

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  1. Jackson's contention is that a few minority-owned banks taking part in the deal were not given a high enough billing -- in fact, they aren't even listed on the cover of the prospectus. The Journal cited three specific firms, Blaylock & Co., Loop Capital, and Williams Capital, as minority-owned firms that Jackson felt were slighted because of race.
  2. this guy is arguably the biggest Racist in the US....
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    typical Jesse shakedown he did the same thing to Nike and Coke some years back look the man has alot of paternity to defend he needs to make a buck
  5. Wu Tang Financial.

    The "banks" mentioned carry .001% of the capital of Lehman, for example.
  6. Jesse was saying the same thing along with the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Celestial Planets) citing "oppression" because science was trying to strip Pluto of planet status and its diginity just because it surface was dark.

    The guy never quits.
  7. I agree.

    Blackstone should have put Popeye's chicken on the prospectus as a sponsor :D
  8. Investment banking is dead to him, he should invest his time where he has a viable opportunity for a successful shakedown.

    He can shakedown companies where there are consumers or workers that will get behind him. I suspect his following in our business is rather limited.

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