Jesse Jackson, Bernanke to Discuss Mortgage Assistance

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  2. "Jackson also will also speak with Bernanke about ``the inappropriate application of subprime by color,''"

    Ben is going to fix that with the color "green". I don't quite have the angle figured out but I'm sure Jesse has.

    Prolly fund a DC office for the Social Center for Justice of Sub Prime Misapplication of Color Alliance for the Welfare of the Inner City Beautification of IRS Taxes Due for the Al Sharpton Victim Assistance Coalition Fund.
  3. "It's...Hiiigh Tiime...that we the Front...of the Liiine."
  4. Best Mortgage Assistance : CUT RATES TO 0.5 % ! Oppss, better not, take a look at Japan ! :D
  5. We Must Start a Coalition and have a Million Man Misjustice Moulenjohn Motivated Misguided Martin Luther King March!
  6. Bernanke: "Hello Jesse. If you call me Uncle Ben I'm outta here."
  7. Uhh... what about the people that were finanically responsible that can't afford a house because the prices got ran up from people buying big houses they couldn't afford?
  8. i wonder if Jesse will do his usual shakedown tactic, but with the FED?
  9. not sure why bernanke would agree to the meeting unless the fed was planning/willing to help facilitate a bailout
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    This is absurd that ben is even meeting with this clown. WTF does the sub prime mess have to do with race?

    I think I'm going to go puke now.
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