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  1. ....why are you still here??? i mostly observe on this site, but i just really need to say something here.

    first of all, you made a call on the 23rd. you said if the Dow didn't hit 9000 you would leave. not 8800, not 8900, not 8950....9000. it's almost june and the dow is still 200 pts away. you're obviously not a man of your word, which at best makes you slightly entertaining, but mostly irritating.

    secondly, you proclaim to be a know it all. but looking at most of your predictions you have been wrong for the most part. all that it really seems to me, is that you're arbitrarily picking numbers out of a hat. you provide not fundamental or technical support, which leads me to believe that you don't know much about trading or you want to keep your trading techniques a secret. judging from the way you write i would argue it's the former....which leads me to my point.

    why do you constantly kill babak. is it some sort of insecurity problem? nobody on this board unless they are fortune teller can accurately forecast price movements 100 percent of the time. i can only speak for myself, but the reason i enjoy babak's commentary amongst many in this forum is because he provides sound technical information, something you never have done. that's what this forum is for, exchanging information. i would imagine anyone with half a brain, would not go out into the market because babak or someone said the market was moving in one direction. at the end of the day i pull the trigger on my own accord and research, not on what someone posts on this web page. but like many i find many posts here useful, especially helping me think and research in different ways. unfortunately you don't fall under that category.

    jesse it's bad enough you post useless banter and harass the decent people on this board. but the sad thing is i really don't think you have anything better to do. i've never met a successful trader that carries on the way you do. if i'm wrong and you're a millionaire, than kudos to you. just stay away and stop piling up noise on this web site


    Maybe Jesse has a proprietary "random number generator" ... that might explain his predictions.

    And as to your latter point ... successful traders don't have to blow their own horns. The fact Jesse does says a lot more than his posts. I suggest ignoring him.
  3. I gratiously accept your kudos.

    as for my trading record, I promise you, it blows 99% of all peoples away, and its been audited for the last 7 years. If you think I jesting, and want to bet real money, I'm game.

    as for my predictions, lets see

    1) i said s&p 950, I was correct.

    2) I called for dow 9000, and am only a few days off. very good.

    3) I predicted "funny cide" would end up a huge story, check with me June 8th.

    And you have one thing correct, I'm not giving away my trading ideas, I'm just giving you the important part.. and so far, eveything i said has been very close. I challenge you to show otherwise.

    and I'm flattered that your 2nd post is all about me!
  4. the may 23rd date was made in response to a person who wanted to test whether my theory of dow 9000 or babaks theory of a crash would come true. READ the thread , dont take it out of context.

    I guess it was me who was correct, not babak, since may 23rd has come and passed.
  5. lots of jealousy and denial out there.
  6. i just want to go on record saying that Jesse j is the greatest. i hope we lots more of his market insight and wisdom around here. he's the geniune article, and he rocks !!

    keep on keepin on jesse!
  7. I think Jesse is a great J too.
  8. I notice that both of you are exceptionally silent about taking me up on trading records.

    You both blab and blab and bab, yet when I offered a final put up or shut up, we got your andswer.

    One last time, my 7 year AUDITED track record blows away 99% of all traders, and its results show the nature of my economic status. For a large bet, I WILL produce it, to shut you boys down.

    so be careful who you make allegations too, this one is a crackerjack trader, with audited results, and a $ figure to show.
  9. i believe JJ is the real McCoy.

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