Jerry Springer gushes about Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wildchild, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. wildchild


    "Jerry Springer called President Obama “truly exceptional,” after meeting him in Cincinnati on Monday, according to the Huffington Post.

    “He’s so competent and so smart, I just don't see why we wouldn't want him for four more years as president,” Springer said.

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    The former mayor, who’s better known for his daytime talk show, said he was “honored” to spend time with Obama and “felt the meeting was substantive.”

    Describing himself as “a long-standing supporter of the Democratic Party,” Springer said he’s “met with lots of politicians, but this man is truly exceptional.”

    “I’m a die-hard supporter of President Barack Obama,” he added."

    Yesterday we had a drugged up, burnt out loser who hasn't made a movie since the 70s supporting Obama. Now we have the king of daytime television sleeze coming out for Obama. Who is the next big endorsement that Obama will get? Octomom? Ron Jeremy? Balloon Boy?

    I do have to give Springer credit for one thing, when his show came out in the 90s, it really felt like you were watching the inner workings of the Clinton Whitehouse.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Of course Springer would like Obama. Obama creates just the type of people Jerry needs to run a show like he did/does.
  3. I find it odd that JS is a leftist imbecile.

    I mean on his show he has to confront his absurd guests with healthy doses of reality.

    How come he cannot seem to manage this feat elsewhere.

    Makes one think it's not just his guests putting on a show.
  4. Ron Jeremy... Poster boy for Odumbo administration... :D
  5. jem


    Jerry has no where to go but left.

    He has people beating the shit out of each other emotionally and physically on his show and then ends his show with "be good to one another".

    There is not an honorable person in the world who would do that.

    He has to join a party which has no problem with saying one thing and doing another.

    He could only be part of group of elected official who will not even produce a budget because they want to screw the people but not show it.
  6. wildchild


    Ron Jeremy is an Obama guy but says Romney is a good man.

    "JERUSALEM—Mitt Romney earned praise from an unlikely source over the weekend: Adult film star Ron Jeremy, who called the presumptive Republican nominee "a good man."

    In an interview with the Boston Herald, Jeremy said he's voting for President Barack Obama in November. But he told the paper he still gives Romney "credit."

    "I think he means well, I think he's a good man," Jeremy told the Herald. "I think the fact that he's such an amazing father proves a lot. I give him a lot of credit. He's raised some good sons. When a man is a really, really good father, that's very important… It's a good race.""
  7. Shows you the shallow thinking of these "stars".

    It's not a contest of "best father in America"