Jerry Sandusky is a registered Republicans

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    Santorum sponsored honor for accused PSU Coach

    Then Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum thought enough of Jerry Sandusky nine years ago to sponsor the former Penn State defense coordinator for a “Congressional Angels in Adoption” award, citing his work with a non-profit group he founded to provide care for foster children.

    “Its philosophy is simple: it is easier to develop a child than to rehabilitate an adult,” read the citation in the awards dinner program from Sept. 24, 2002.

    Sandusky, of course, has been charged with sexual abuse of young boys and Penn State University is under fire for its handling of reports of the coach’s suspicious behavior. The burgeoning scandal reportedly is about to force legendary head coach Joe Paterno to retire.

    Santorum, a 1980 PSU graduate, is one of the school’s most distinguished alumni – a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination who represented Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate from 1995 to 2007. A social conservative and champion of adoption, Santorum is staking his candidacy on an appeal to family values.

    Since the scandal broke into the news, Santorum has been circumspect in his comments about it. He has said he does not know Sandusky personally.
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    Max E.

    So AK, can you please explain to us exactly which part of Sandusky's republicanism caused him to become a pedophile?
  3. What party does nambla support?

    Case closed.
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    You should ask peil this question, he applied the same "logic" to democrats and teachers.
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    Max E.

    I dont know which specific intance you are talking about, but i can assure you I have called peil out for being a dysfunctional halfwit like AK47 many times.....
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    Max E.

    And yet you still refuse to tell all of us exactly which part of republicanism supposedly causes this.......

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    Maybe Sandusky was a Closet Democrat.
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