Jerry M. and new Quote Tracker ??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BLUEDAY000, May 23, 2011.

  1. Is this true ???

    Jerry is working on new version of QT ????????
  2. LeeD


    If that's true, good luck to the team!
  3. BSAM


    Blue, I'm sure you won't mind telling us where you heard this.
  4. dcvtss


    yeah please don't play with us like that, is there any truth to this or is it a fishing expedition?
  5. i thought a few months ago on ET Jerry said he would not or could not do another trading platform. sure would be nice if they did come out with a new version of QT as long as they made it similar to the current one and not like some of these space age looking peices of crap that are no good. Cmon Jerry, you know you want to do it!
  6. LOL
  7. LOL .... mean YES ??? or maybe ???
  8. wave


    I say raise the price from $60/yr to $100/yr or more and keep QT alive and going. I would be more than happy and willing to pay $100/yr or more to see QT stay alive.
  9. The idea of QT was the Freeware concept .

    Pay $100/yr for TD ?????????????

    I don't think so ...
  10. BSAM


    In my opinion, I think he is laughing and saying to stop starting dumbshit threads like this.

    I believe he has a non-compete contract hanging over him and I think he is fully happy about that, since he was probably paid well for his hard work and for staying awake for years (and/or having someone stay awake) to answer questions from folks like me.

    Jerry, feel free to correct me, if I'm in any way wrong here.
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