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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Phlub, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. Phlub


    Not sure if this had been discussed before here, but I have some old Appian Jeronimo Pro (4 monitor) cards. Last week I built a box using a P4 2.8 with a cheap motherboard that used a VIA800 chip set. The strange thing is that the video card worked fine with the 3Dlabs Permedia drivers that WIN2K loaded by default. However, when I updated to the Appian drivers, Windows freezed almost immediately after starting it. After unloading the Appian ones, Windows does not freeze.

    My question is - what kind of experience have people had with the J Pro cards with the newer chipsets (specifially motherboards)?

    For starters, I am going to try exchanging the VIA motherboard for an Intel motherboard and see if that makes a difference.
  2. I may be wrong but I don't believe those cards are compatible with xp.
  3. I think it took a while for Appian to release an XP driver for Jeronimo Pro, but I believe they now have it available on their website.
  4. Phlub


    I went and got a 865 chipset motherboard and it works like a champ. The driver were not the problem.

    My lesson - avoid VIA chipsets with Appian's video cards.
    I will stick with Intel chipset mother boards from now on.
  5. mrputney


    We use these SAD Appian video cards at work. They work ok on Win2k, but when my company decided to update the OS to WinXP, these cards did not work. No new drivers available, and Appian's website is no longer for graphics cards. Bastards! What I found to work is using the driver for a Radeon 7000 designed for WinXP. Seems to work fine, and now we don't have to scrap all those Appian Cards. Some of our NEW IBM desktops have the Intel 945G chipset, and this gives the same or similar problems that previous users on this forum are having. Thanks for letting all of us know this, APPIAN. Hope this helps all of you out there that are having the same or similar issues as I am. To the person who said they got it to work on XP...I am amazed. It would be interesting to see your msinfo32 file. Sometimes a different mobo does the trick. Good Job!