Jeffrey Cooper at Minyanville makes a bold call

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  1. I would never recommend someone as a guru. I will say I have followed this guy for years, and he is both interesting to read and offers pretty sound analysis in my book.

    As for 2000, I don't think he tries to capitalize on it, but at the time he was writing for the Trading Markets website, and he made the stunning observation that the Nasdaq could fall 50% and still be above its 200 day average. As I recall, he didn't exactly try to call a top but basically said this is clearly in a blow off phase so protect yourself.

    His column is in the free part of minyanville so I would just recommend that people read him for a few days to get a flavor of what he does, then make your own judgment.
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  2. amtrak


    Even Gann made more sense than Cooper did in that article.
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  3. What happened to the triple top??

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  4. How old are you? You sound like an immature moron that I should have put on ignore a long time ago. You are the one who is "total bullshit".

    Of course I look at weighted indexes and all other indexes for that matter.

    Nope. Its not "total bullshit". Yes, there are lots of stocks going down that I have pointed out in many threads and I have made money shorting them and buying puts. If you dont believe it, dont want to believe it, I dont care. Now if you want to be my little b*tch, I cant help you because Im not looking for any right now.

    Did you read Barron's this weekend? REDF. That was such an obvious short and put play it was unbelievable.

    Now little man, go try to be someone else's little b*tch.

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  5. Folks, you might be frustrated either by my attitude and/or your lack of ability in making money.

    Shorting and buying puts is so much easier then going long. Here is one of my shorts today, JA Solar Holdings. Analyst downgrades the stock and look out below!!! In today's market, a bad press article from Barrons, an analyst downgrade, Cramer raining on your parade etc., will set the stock up for a selloff.

    In yesteryears market, the analysts didnt seem to matter, Barrons didnt seem to matter and Cramer didnt matter...however, all of these matter right now.

    I saw REDF in Barrons over the weekend and that was such an obvious put play. It was screaming puts!!!

    You look at the advance/decline line and you see the lack of breadth. Look at todays close where there was a quick retreat. Look at the writing on the wall...

    You can hold up your DJ banner or SPX banner, but I make money everyday on shorting and buying puts. As unpopular as it seems, thats my current theme with only a select few longs. I have found it a much better way to trade on the dark side with Darth Vader then fight the empire. Hehe. Oh look, KBhome down again and Im up another 5% on my long-dated put....

    So go ahead and comb through my past posts, repost them up with profane words attached, but that wont change what I am doing and Im happy doing it.
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  6. Ya Dude, but you've been bearish since a lifetime ago...surely you are losing sometimes...
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  7. Now why in the world would ANYONE want to comb through your posts? Do you think we are all in need of YOUR immaculate guidance?

    Michael you need to get over yourself. Why are you trying to seek status on a message board? It has to be because you SUCK as a trader. There can be no other reason.
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