Jeffrey Cooper at Minyanville makes a bold call

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by michaelscott, Jul 17, 2007.

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    He recently called the latest ramp up in ES from 1515. Called a 40-50 point run in Goog. Agree with AAA he is pretty good at what he does.
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  2. Everything I have been shorting and buying puts on has made me money. My puts for RSH and CC are up another 15% today.

    You guys look at the indexes and are like deer stairing at a bunch of headlights.

    The real truth is that nearly 50% of the market is in decline while there are a few stocks leading it up.

    I never look at a few weighted indexes. Instead, I look at the big picture.

    Advances 1,662 (52%) 1,650 (54%)
    Declines 1,394 (44%) 1,278 (42%)
    Unchanged 126 (4%) 136 (4%)
    Up Vol* 537 (55%) 525 (63%)
    Down Vol* 433 (44%) 289 (35%)
    Unch. Vol* 13 (1%) 21 (3%)
    New Hi's 177 151
    New Lo's 80 71

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  3. OH REALLY?! Dude, are you trying to act dumb? You're now totally changing numbers and then using data contrary to what you say to prove your point?! :confused: :eek:
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  4. WTF???

    Apparently, you do look at weighted indexes...and "Everything you have been shorting and buying puts on has made you money" is total bullshit.
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    I've just never had the time to look into these esoteric things like Gann's ideas but I have seen some truly amazing things done with some Fibbonacci confluences and the like... by beginners much stuff to study so little time, and so much struggle just to keep the roof overhead...
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  6. Even when he said before earnings last quarter, "I'm shorting RSH, it's risky, but I'm doing it anyway" and the stock was at $28 or so but he's still making money somehow.

    I wonder how he's doing with RIMM, AAPL, MA, GOOG, and BIDU shorts?! :confused:
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  7. Yes. Jeff Cooper the momentum daytrader who traded out of his Malibu home and actually wrote some useful material (at least it was written clearly) on trading has become Jeffrey Cooper, purveyor of nebulous nonsense.

    ]What's next for him, curious minds inquire? Planetary and lunar movements, perhaps. A logical next step since, after all, Arch Crawford cannot live forever.
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    Speaking of Arch... I called him up one time and he answered the phone from his bath tub... :D
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  9. It's like those spam emails, they send out 1,000,000 emails. 500,000 say sell, another 500,000 say buy. Someone's going to think the spammer is a real genius.

    Same thing with top calls, everyday, there are hundreds of people making top calls. Lots of them WILL be right. So now, this bunch of top callers will make bottom calls again and again. One of the original top callers that made it right will be right with a bottom call.

    That doesn't mean they know what they're doing. It's just based on probability that someone's gonna get it right.
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  10. Michael, your predictions SUCK. Sure eventually you will make the right call if you make thousands of predictions. The key is making money, not predictions. When you grow up and actually become a MAN, you will realize that seeking status on this board does nothing to increase your standard of living.
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