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  2. Well, I checked out his pivots service. All he does is send out pivots for the next day. It's pretty damn stupid, since he doesn't tell you how to trade 'em
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    I can't see any value in what they are offering that you couldn't learn out of a few trading books.
  4. I used to get his obnoxious e-mails at the end of the day with the all so typical "hey boys and girls, we called it again, we told you to look at 1085 and it hit right there and then reversed, blah, blah"...All the guy did was post some pretty obvious support and resistance levels and give you some sort of generic bias that anyone chatting it up in these rooms has...Seemed to me to just be another guy trying to make his way selling his services rather than selling the markets...
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    Thanks for your opinions on

    Much appreciated.

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    The only newsletter I came across, that makes some decent calls, can be found at