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  1. hey everyone, my name is Jeff and i am a student of Tim Sykes. i am somewhat new to trading but based on timmayyy's theories and his blog, i've already made a few thousand dollars in a few weeks and following his goal for industry transparency, i'd like to similarly share all my wins and losses

    his dvd thread here on which i had begun posting my trades apparently got deleted so i've created this thread to document all my trades to act as my journal so we can all see if there's anything behind shorting parabolic microcap patterns or not

    even though we both live in ny, understand i'm in no way affiliated with him and yes, i still think he's an immature kid. but i also think the outright dismissal of his strategy is unfounded

    so lets leave the trash talk behind and just talk trading for once. i'll post my trades as close to real-time as possible although i also have a regular job so it might be tough. right now my account is $28,036 (up $3k in 2 weeks) and following tim's latest trade, i shorted 2,000 VRML at $3.45 (previously posted on the dvd thread).
  2. What strategy? To turn millions into thousands?
  3. lol, hopefully! but i don't want to take on big risks so i'll play it safe and be happy with $50,000 or $100,000 in profits
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    Good luck to you. Be aware that shorting micro-cap momentum stocks is a high probability/high risk strategy.

    Most of your trades will net you decent gains, but once in a while you'll short a stock that isn't done spiking, and you'll be sitting on a huge loss if you're not careful.
  5. thanks, i will be playing it very safe, much safer than most to be sure


    No wonder you're a Sykes follower!
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    Tim have you no shame? Give up man or pay another advertising fee.
  8. He can't afford it.

    What's the bets this is going to be one of those journals that trades on yesterday's prices with no stops and no thought process or analysis behind the trade :D

    Hey it'll be just like sykes's book, absolutely no use to anyone but the author!
  9. This is so flame bait. This thread is just asking for 100 replies and over 10000 views. Where is the moderator?
  10. like i said, i don't want any trash talking, this is just a trading journal, i'll provide all my trades and analysis. i really don't see what all the fuss is about
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