Jeff Macke: Moron?

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  1. After being extremely bearish, he's now a raving BULL on bank stocks . . .

    After today's close ( I believe that he said something to the effect ) that they have nowhere to go but up because the "cloud of uncertainty" has been lifted on the group!

    Said he sold WFC today, but will probably regret it. Said the easy money has already been made, and that he has to buy his wife something nice for Mother's Day this weekend. Also said he likes Goldman and Citi, among others.

    So much for a 40 year old guy that looks like a 50 year old guy . . . whose only been trading for 10 years.

    I guess the venture capital firm with his older brother Kenneth didn't work out too well, nor was he able to get much of a job in the hedge fund business after graduating from Stanford with an MBA in 1997.

    Hmmmmm... Could this be a great fade???
  2. that guy is an idiot. never has anything of substance to say. i like all the guys on that show except him - hes always talking smack to najarian who knows a whole lot more and always is a lot more constructive...
  3. He is a bull because the government is backing EVERYTHING.
  4. His bullish view definitely has me on fade alert.

  5. He had some extremely good calls.
    I bought LVS on his recommendation and can't be happier.
    I like the show, the only show on TV for traders, everything else is boring and caters to sheep... I mean long term investors as they call them nicely.

    I also like Jeff Mackie, very interesting fellow, his comments are interesting and the show is boring without him sometimes.
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    is macke a good fade? i don't watch the show, but would like to know it...

    for example, cramer is (only) a good fade when he's switching a long-term position, finally jumping aboard a long-term trend and proclaiming himself a genius for finding it, or when he's absolutely filled with emotion of either extreme.

    other times, he's basically a coin-flip.

    anyone have any analysis on the fast money folk?
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    Bulls are everywhere tonight, after these stress tests cramer is also jumping up and down cheering for everyone to stay bullish on the banks. Its only 74 Billion these banks have to borrow, thats extremely bullish. Jeff Macke seems to have a perfect trading record, seems to time the market right everytime, I think im going to record tonights fast money and mad money and play it back sometime over the next few months when the banks are down 25%++ from where they are trading tonight.
  8. did anyone else hear the other guy on fast money call cramer a public servant for all the good work he does for investors and traders?
  9. Yes. First Ass-Clown says GS teaches their employees to go into public service and "give back" and they are the only ones willing to do it. And then, instead of calling him out on that bullshit comment, Guy said, speaking of public service, what you do ass-clown, I mean Cramer, is a public service.
  10. have been thinking where the the next bubble is being created with all of this money being printed and given to the banks will be.

    hard assets, of course. but we may see a merger and buyout boom like never before. being big is being rewarded. smaller companies won't be able to afford the regulation, wage controls, and taxes. the government is about to take over health care and relieve large companies of that burden too.
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