Jeff Macke Meltdown On CNBC Last Night

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  1. I never watch CNBC at night (daytime either) but I happened to hit on some show Dennis Neale was hosting last night. He was interviewing two mutual fund managers and Jewff Macke. I don't know if Macke was drunk, strungout or just hates Neale, but he was babbling jibberish and generally sounding like one of those street talkers you make sure to avoid eye contact with.

    Anybody else catch this?
  2. I'm just trying to figure out what he was on. I'm sure a number of guests over the years have been "tweaked out" but they still could form a coherent sentence. He was so out of his mind that absolutely nothing he said was coherent.
  3. He kept referring to the "car guys" but I didn't see that segment. I'm guessing he was making the point that a kid could tell it was all crap, the auto companies, banks, etc. I felt sorry for the other guests, kind of a Rocky Horror Show moment for them. I couldn't believe they let him back on the second time.

    He had a maniacal look on his face, didn't he? Kind of a "this is what the end of your TV career looks like" look.
  4. Wow, that is some baaaaaaaad weed. Or a nervous breakdown.

    He lost his father this past year, he may be going through something, you never know.
  5. Dennis Neale is the biggest dweeb I've ever seen. Total momma's boy.

    Having said that, yeah, Macke sounds drunk or whacked out in that segment.
  6. Eight


    Monday morning, I could have understood him, trying to trade / fix computer with intermittent DSL and ran out of my favorite med a couple days before that... yup, he and I could have bonded....

    today, wow... whatever he scored, I don't want some...
  7. Shit, this gets more funny the more you watch it!

  8. He is back on today talking coherently.
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