Jeff Macke has officially lost his marbles

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Div_Arb, May 26, 2009.

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    Classic! You will enjoy this..

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  3. "I'm going to go with crazy.....'Yes' or 'No?'"-JM

    As many times as I see this thing, I'm perplexed and dumbfounded at Macke's state of mind. Maybe he had a really wicked round of dental surgery before he went on, or maybe he was chasing dragons; who knows. Madness I tell you!
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  5. Wow. Either "Bowling Ball Head" had a stroke, or he needs intervention fast and a course of detox and therapy.

    Wonder if Toddo has seen this. Minionville is a "family friendly" place and JM is a main contributor... :p
  6. what you guys don't see is there's a hooker blowing him under the table.
    no wonder he's babbling.
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    Holy Pig shit Batman,

    Bowling ball head has lost his marbles. WTF?? ,,

    I think he says rails in his first answer. Yea, no kidding, many rails..

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    Jeff Macke Out at CNBC?

    Following his bizarre on-air comments last week, CNBC contributor Jeff Macke's future with the network is in doubt.

    Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal reports Macke will not be back on CNBC, while sources tell TVNewser no decision has been made.

    Still, we hear Macke's appearance on Fast Money the following night was being watched closely by Susan Krakower, the show's co-creator and CNBC VP. A "backup" trader was ready in case Macke was deemed unable to go on-air.

    Macke has not been on CNBC since last Wednesday's appearance.

    A CNBC spokesperson gave TVNewser a "no comment" on the situation.
    I'm funnier smarter and prettier than mack and I don't do coke. just hot women.

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    I think he just lost his job (or contract wasn't renewed) because of that ....
    #10     May 27, 2009