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  1. Last I heard Cooper was writing for RM. Is he still there? and what are his views on the market now? He's been pretty accurate in the past.
  2. just as confused as the rest of us...

  3. 1) is Jeff still with RM?

    2) what is his stance on the current Market?
  4. 1.) If you go to, his name still appears on the dropdown list of featured commentators. I assume that means he is still with them.

    2.) Why not do the 30-day free trial, and find out for yourself.

  5. Here's the latest from Coop:

    "The Dow is currently entering a Seven-Of-Nine Sponge Bob Square. The S&P 500 is near a Cooper 1-2-3-4 Go reversal, while Pluto is still in Uranus. A Mick Jagger Rock-n-Roll breakout could happen if the Nazdaq Comp moves over the Aquarius Meridian. All of this will be null and void, however, if the 5th Wave pivot reaches the Tubular Stokin' Dude stage. Let's all hope that doesn't happen..."
  6. LOL, that sounds about right... :p
  7. You know, if it does happen, what will Jeff's next call be?...
    Because I don't much like the thought of Pluto being in Uranus
    for too long... :eek: ...............................................................:p
  8. Cooper is no longer with Real Money.

    Does anyone know if he is currently writing anywhere else?
  9. liulala


    this guy and the chartman gary smith cannot trade, their methods not work. I think they get fired at Nice decision from, fire those snakeoil.

  10. He's no longer there? Really? He had columns this week I thought.

    I happen to value Jeff Cooper's work. You will never find 100% accuracy in the market, but he offers insightful cocmmentary most of the time.
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