Jeff Cooper Video Course for sale.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by costanza, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. costanza


    I have a Jeff Cooper trading video course for sale if anyone is interested..

    Jeff Cooper on Dominating the DayTrading Market.

    Comes with a big folder and 4 VHS videos in original packaging.

    It was sold by when Jeff used to write there but then Jeff forbid them to sell it, I don't know whether it is sold anywhere now..

    Jeff Cooper talks about a lot of his own patterns, mostly new ones like Bungees, Jesse James pivots, Sherlock's pipe, Hook Ladder and Bell...etc..

    Please contact me if interested..

  2. Do you have any Ed Seykota videos? Cooper is a shoemaker!
  3. why dont you post the price your asking? dont tell me this is one of those $2000 courses.

    has your trading improved as a result of that course and does the course come w/a money back guarantee?
  4. costanza

    costanza used to sell it for 1500 $ with frequent discounts up to 30 %..

    All trading courses are overpriced anyway..

    Jeff Cooper is not a BS artist, I've learned a lot from him, some of the patterns in this course have become second nature to me, like Keyzer Soze and Jesse James... On the other hand, they are not secrets at all..So, I would say it "marginally" improved my trading.. I am not a very short term trader right now anyway..

    I am open to all reasonable offers..

    By the way, I am in Toronto, Canada..
  5. Hey guys:
    I want to make it clear. I have not reviewed Cooper's work. I have not read his books. I have talked to Jeff on several occasions and based on my short conversations with him, I believe he is a decent guy at heart, and very knowledgeable about trading. Just one guys opinion. Regards, Steve46
  6. Weasel


    Any Ginger Lynne videos?:cool:
  7. Costanza! George, is that you? :D