Jeff Cooper thinks its being GooSed

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    I have no idea what I'm reading but that is a ok:D
  2. I've been around price action for a very long time. That link states my feelings as well.

    The worst part is its your tax payer dollars being used, and advanced knowledge of it by key players will never get investigated as long as the market goes up, afterall its for the good of the country.
  3. I thought it was pretty clear , even if you don't believe the premise.

    I seem many things in the market that can only be explained by collusion, but it's rarely clear who is colluding.
  4. worst. thread. ever.
  5. Luckily you're the best dancer ever!

  6. lol.

    I was just reading Livermore's story, amazing read.
  7. Due to global expansion, I say if you want to capitalize off this market gone wild you buy OTM Calls in blue chips that benefit from overseas sales(due to emerging market expansion and currency balance) and you'll be benefiting off the dropping dollar...not to mention the blue chips are the ones loading up on their own stock which is helping to ensure that they show greater quarterly results again and again.

    Thanks for sharing the article, I think one has to realize how painfully weak the dollar is and take advantage of it.

    Some people don't seem to care about the weakness of the dollar even though it totally affects them.
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