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  1. nitro


    I read all of it, or at least as much as I am able, because I want to learn as much as I can about how these sort of people think. If it is being disseminated to the "public" in this format, it is old news.

    However, I can't imagine anyone daytrading off the information. Investing or taking a position trade for sure, but daytrading off this stuff?


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  2. le140


    Now I got Todd Harrison and so I dont need RM anymore. Cancel it 4 months ago. Made more than RM evermade for me.

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  3. Who is Todd Harrison and how do I find out more about his service, web site, or whatever?
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  4. trendy

    trendy is his new web site. He has been making some great calls about market direction lately. Check out another thread in ET that discusses Toddo. I think its titled Todd Harrison is Writing Again.
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  5. Vishnu


    Honestly, nobody should take a trading idea from any of these sites and then execute it. That's real money at stake and every writer on these sites has an agenda (i.e. there own money at work, which they freely admit). However, the value I get out of these sites is learning the methodologies and analysis that the writers do.

    For instance, on Street Insight, Jay Shartsis isn't always 100% right on his stock calls but I find him to be an excellent market timer over the past year or so with his options methods and other techniques that he talks about. Similarly, although I'm not that into fundamentals I like reading some of the hard-core analysis on the companies that I'm thinking of buying. I tend to buy the big dippers and its helpful to understand why these companies have fallen so far. If anything, understanding this and then watching which trades work and which ones fail might help me to improve my system. Disclosure: I occasionally write for Street Insight but thats why I'm most familiar with it.
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  6. vishnu,
    If you are familiar with Todd Harrison's option methods(when he wrote for RM he would go into some detail)how do they compare to Jay Shartsis?

    I have not read any of Jay's writing but do read Todd's and he is trading a number of stocks and options which he scalps as a contrarian when one side is weighed. Complex basket of instruments and a fairly simple evening up process. Also not 100% correct but hedged enough to profit and avoid disaster. Does Jay do the same or anyone else you follow?
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