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  1. gaj


    aaa - think many people will cancel their RM subscriptions because of the move of those two to RM Pro?

    i know that i thought of it last year, when todd left. however, i justified it by knowing that herb was a decent 'alert' signal, despite cramer's blabberings. then, when cooper came on, i thought it was a good thing.

    finally, i just got fed up with cramer and decided to leave...but what do you think?
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  2. gaj,

    Honestly I don't know but it is a good question. If I were David Morrow or David Rocker or Cramer, I would be thinking long and hard about it. Obviously they must have felt losses would be more than balanced by RM sub's who upgrade to Pro. I know I will have to think about it. I can't see upgrading to Pro just to get Cooper.

    Here's the thing that surprises me. Cooper uses a variety of exotic analysis methods, from Gann to numerology. I really wonder if the hedge fund subscriber base of Pro is interested in that sort of thing. So they may end up screwing themselves twice.
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  3. james altucher- chess, past internet company, streetview
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  4. gaj


    aaa - i'll admit i was disappointed and confused by cooper initially on RM. i really liked his first two hit and run books (thought they were very good at getting me to think 'big picture' for stocks); the 5 day trading method was a waste of money.

    so, when i saw him there - and had read him on tradingmarkets before - i was interested...but disappointed with the astrology, gann (which i don't 'buy'), and other things.

    however, he came through with flying colors, even if his method of speaking wasn't exactly clear. and even if i didn't / don't buy into the methods.

    what you say about the hedgies could very well be true. i don't understand why a hedgie WOULD go rmpro, to be honest.
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  5. I had already noticed some slipage of content away from RM last year- I would click an interesting link only to find that it had become part of an even pricier product than I was already paying for. Which begged the question of: what am I getting for my money? The Chartman comes to mind as an example. The current price hike and reduction in quality content is the last straw for me. is a keeper though, what do you guys think?
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  6. Its not worth the money. Hardly anyone worth reading now. I use to read Cooper and Herb. They were the only worth reading. I am planning to cancel tommorrow.
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    what i subscribe to:
    briefing. absolutely essential to me since i DON'T have a squawk box. i may hear the 'rumours' late, but it helps me avoid things. and the price is just right.

    tradingmarkets. i keep meaning to cancel it, but don't, as they sometimes have good reading, and their scanner hits some stocks i don't always catch.

    and real tick.
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  8. Vishnu


    a. I haven't read Cooper's stuff on Real Money but apparently he has had a very hot hand and his move will be a loss. Then again, there are a lot of TA guys on Real Money: Smith, Fitzpatrick, etc and almost none currently on RM Pro. I liked Cooper's Hit and Run books but the best chapter in both of them was the intro to the first one, which basically told me back in the day that yes, THIS IS POSSIBLE. Connors' books are very similar and Cooper seems to have gotten a lot of benefit from hanging out with Connors.

    b. Greenberg moving from RM to RM Pro is big. Greenberg is a superstar. Then again, its important to remember that Greenberg is a journalist and not a trader. In terms of daytrades, or even short-term swing trades, i'm not sure what you can really get out of Greenberg. From a short-term perspective, following his stuff is very problematic because he makes shorts too "popular". I bet if you could somehow measure when a squeeze occurs, it happens more often on Greenberg stocks. But it still seems unpredictable. That said, if you believe in shorting as an asset allocation strategy (I don't) and you need a place to park long-term money, Greenberg's shorts seem pretty good (in 2002, not in 1999). BTW, I say this about Greenberg knowing that he completely trashed the company that bought mine and helped bring about its decline. But he was right and he's the best.

    c. RM has some high quality guys who aren't as well-known. Don't forget that part of Greenberg and Cooper's attraction is that they've been in and out of the spotlight a little more. Greenberg because of the many great calls he's made and Cooper because of his books. But check out Simons, Kedrosky, Galli, Crescenzi, Harriman (who used to be on RM Pro), Edmonds, and the others. All of those seem at least as high quality as the two that are moving.

    d. I tend to read RM more than I read RM Pro. Just more material there. But I'm starting to appreciate RM pro a lot. Kass had a great call on going long EWG two trading days ago and was up 6%+ since then. Matthews had a class act trade of long TYC puts, long TYC stock the day before the TYC announcement. Shartsis has been spot-on with market timing and his replacements when he's out are great with telling us who is making the large institutional option buys. Reynolds is great on economics and there are many good value/long-only guys there. I'm pretty intimidated actually. I was going to say its hard to justify the price difference between the products but I think RM Pro does provide the specific trading advice that RM doesn't.
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    i didn't renew my RM subscription either. i'm sick of them. All the value is packaged into separate subcription. I'd rather read the WSJ or Barrons for that price.
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  10. This is the big question. Is the extra money worth it for us non-hedge fund guys who nevertheless are in the markets every day and trade a lot? For me so far the answer has been no, but I'm not ruling out changing my mind.
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