Jeff Bezos' new yacht in Netherlands under fire, thousands RSVP to throw eggs at it

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    Jeff Bezos' new yacht in Netherlands under fire, thousands RSVP to throw eggs at it

    Rotterdam residents are taking aim at a superyacht so big it'll require a bridge to be moved to get out to sea

    By Michael Ruiz FOXBusiness
    [​IMG] Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man, and he commissioned the world’s largest sailing yacht — so big that in order to get it out to sea, he’s offering to pay to take apart and reassemble a historic bridge that it needs to pass to get out of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

    It may result in the world’s biggest scrambled eggs, if a planned Facebook event to hurl rotten eggs at the $485 million vessel is as popular as its signup sheet suggests.

    Facebook user Pablo Strörmann, a Rotterdam resident, stirred up "Eieren gooien naar superjacht Jeff Bezos (Throwing eggs at superyacht Jeff Bezos)" earlier this month, inviting the "the international Egg tossing community" to bombard Bezos’ boat on June 1. More than 20,000 people had marked themselves as going or interested in going as of Wednesday afternoon.

    A general view of "De Hef" as the city of Rotterdam has agreed to remove a section of the historic bridge to make way for a superyacht, reportedly built for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Feb. 3, 2022. (REUTERS/Piroschka Van De Wouw / Reuters Photos)

    "For our international guests: Calling all Rotterdammers, take a box of rotten eggs with you, and let's throw them en masse at Jeff's superyacht when it sails through the Hef in Rotterdam," the event’s description reads.

    The Hef is a nickname for the 145-year-old Koningshaven Bridge. It has just 130 feet of clearance, according to Dutch media. The yacht, dubbed Y721, needs more than that to pass beneath. On the sunny side, Bezos and the shipbuilder, Oceanco, have offered to cover the cost of temporarily removing and replacing the bridge in order to get the new superyacht out.

    "Normally it’s the other way around," Strörmann told the Netherlands-based NL Times last week. "If your ship doesn’t fit under a bridge, you make it smaller — but when you happen to be the richest person on Earth, you just ask a municipality to dismantle a monument. That’s ridiculous."

    A large yacht, known as Y721, which reportedly belongs to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is seen during construction in a ship yard in this screen grab taken from a video in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Feb. 4, 2022. | Reuters Photos

    A Facebook group associated with the event had several hundred members, with views on the event scrambled together.

    "How many people throw eggs one day and buy from Amazon the next?" one of them asked.

    Another shared plans for how to build "a cannon that fires eggs at a high rate of speed and launches them to great distances" out of PVC piping.

    Representatives for Bezos did not immediately respond to FOX Business’ request for comment.

    The Y721 is a three-masted aluminum and steel schooner about 417 feet long, according to Boat International. In addition to being the largest sailing yacht ever constructed, it’s also the largest yacht of any kind produced in the Netherlands, according to the outlet.

    Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said earlier this month that city officials had not yet reached a decision on how to proceed.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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    What kind of world do we live in where a billionaire can't even enjoy his hard earned money?
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    I reckon Bezos should mount fire pumps forward and aft, port & starboard then blast those dutchies with dirty canal water.
    Wouldn't that be fun and value for money? :)
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    Or Zuck could give out headsets and they can throw virtual eggs in the multiverse.
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    Meanwhile, starvation is still a thing in Africa. All those eggs wasted? A single egg can be a weeks's nutrition for an African child.

    The Dutch are heartless and stupid.
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    The dutch are miserable bastards, they don 't throw nix away.
    You yanks, toss everything in the garbage just after looking at it. :)

    Them eggs, they'll be eggs dutchies have kept in the pantry for 12 months, saving them for a rainy day.
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    "$19.99/month will save one child". Or so the commercials say.
    It'll also save one abused dog and/or elderly Jewish Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union.
    The good news is, they'll send you a free tee-shirt.
    ...And a tote bag.
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    Dude, why would I want a tote-bag, when I can have the conscience-clearing duty of giving $180 so a kid can have a donkey-pony to get into town?
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    No, it's a donkey-pony. That thing decides to go ape-shit, you're getting eaten alive.

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