Jeff Augen's books?

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  1. Trading Realities..
    day trading options
    microsoft excel for option traders
    Trading options at Expiration

    has anyone read these books?? or does anyone have any books they wanna suggest?
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    I've got his "Trading Options at Expiration". Tried his recommended strategies from the book, weren't really profitable. Backtests were lackluster. He cherry picks only the profitable trades in his book to show off. Perhaps I didn't spend enough time on it. Take it for what its worth.
  3. i like to read.. so i ordered the book used, and quite a few others.. I wouldn't doubt what your saying.. most traders have some element of believing there doing better then they are.. talking about their wins more then losses.. ETC.
    i've just watched a theoretical straddle 2 hours before expiration go from .30 cents to 6 dollars in two hours for Aapl two weeks ago or so.... i thought to myself wow that makes up for alot of failed tries! i've read a few books that talk about how being a net option buyer is counter intuitive but a better stratigy.. but not only that its very hard to do.. because we can't take losses on a regular basis no matter how small
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    Yeah, tbh I didn't look into all the strategies he talked about. Just a couple of them. I probably should spend more time analysing his strats but not sure if it'll be worth it, as my first impression wasn't great.

    As for net buyer vs seller, I agree with you, the rule seems to be net buyers bleed a lot with occasional large wins, the reverse is true for sellers.
  5. nice i just downloaded it.. the dedication goes "To Lisa—the most independent person I know—
    who taught me never to rely on anyone for
    anything. I only made it this far because of you."

    that just sounds so bad... i've got people i can rely on.. depressing statement! almost sounds like he got rejected by lisa or something haha
  6. theres alot of Augen's books on there.. thanks!
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    let's see if you make your remark if the shit hits the fan.
  8. i don't get what your trying to say? shit will hit the fan because of my remark?
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    Im reporting this to the FBI. Copyright infringement is no joke. Enjoy being water boarded...
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