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  1. I think some news is going to get announced. Earlier in the week there were takeover rumors. Today volume picked up mightily. Now at 4 million and an average day is 1 million. No news out. No earnings call scheduled.
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    you're right ......sumpins up.
    check out the calls
  3. Here is the chart.
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  4. I think its going to be Mass Mutual.
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    I grabbed some AH solely because I like it's symbol. My name is Jeff. Hopefully we see some follow thru on Monday.
  6. *Most* of the time these rumors are pump/dump schemes dreamed up by Cramer like hedge funds. For example, RACK, MRVL, and AMD. You have to get in on the scam early or when the rumor fails to materialize, the stock drops like a rock. Sometimes they are for real like FDC.

    However, there is a big player I know who does believe its credible.

    The rumor will either be confirmed or denied in the next 3 trading days. Then the stock will go back to 30 if there is no truth to it, maybe lower.

    Thats the danger of playing the buyout rumor game. Its a *gamble*.
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    might be the next to be taken out

    running up last few days
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    just......shot up......anyone hear anything????

    tons of volume
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    i am thinking this short sqeeze in JEF could be one for the ages...they are gonna make em pay