Jeb Bush?

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  1. MSNBC, yes that one, is touting Jeb as a possible GOP candidate. I have spoken on this a few times, only to be shouted down so to speak.

    Why not Jeb? Smarter brother, middle of the road enough to make Dem's not cringe, yet right enough to have a solid base.

    I know, the legacy thing is a concern, but seriously, compared to what they have so far, the GOP could do a lot worse.


  2. wjk


    Add Rubio to the mix and I'd vote for the ticket without holding my nose.
  3. If the Jeb could be completely independent of his father and his cronies, I believe he could be a good candidate.
    He has done a good job as a governor of Florida.
    However he will never be independent of these crooks.
    Many might also have forgotten Jeb's role in NAFTA ( the start of the over all corruption in government )
    For these reasons i wouldn't vote for him.
  4. Jeb rocks.
  5. pspr


    Get the nomination without lifting a finger? Doubtful.

    And, Rubio is NOT a natural born citizen.
  6. Valid points, for sure. I think an alignment with 'dad' is ok, but having to separate from W would almost have to be done, to be effective as a candidate.

    The anybody but Romney crowd is not happy with Santorum. They know he can't possibly beat Obama. I still think Jeb has a chance, we'll have to wait and see I guess.

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    Now, consider Marco Rubio. His parents were resident aliens when he was born in 1971, seeking and soon to receive their status as naturalized U.S. citizens. Under the Fourteenth Amendment, "all persons the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the states wherein they reside." This "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" clause shows why Rubio is -- and, very likely, why children of illegal aliens are not -- a "natural born citizen of the United States."
  8. Another Neocon for the leftists on the Right to drool over...fuckin losers...
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    That's Chet Arthur's opinion. Until the Supreme Court rules on the definition of a "natual born citizen" there will be doubt and heated discussion.
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    My view entirely. Good God, another Bush???? Have Americans learned NOTHING?

    As for Marco Rubio, he almost got us into a war with Russia:

    Only Rand Paul stopped him.
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