Jeb Bush, the younger moron

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  1. (Two things to note in the following story:

    1. Jeb doesn't want to see Al Gore's movie where scientists talk about global warming, but did go to see the fantasy X-Men movie about mutants and The Da Vinci Code.

    2. Jeb carries around rosary beads and prayer beads for comfort.

    Please, just say no to morons named Bush for any elected office...

    Jeb Bush Says He'll Pass on Al Gore's Movie
    By Joe Follick and Lloyd Dunkelberger

    Gov. Jeb Bush met with scientists last week to discuss the role of global warming on worsening hurricane activity. He remained moot on the controversial topic, but said he was intrigued and suggested Florida should host a "forum where there's airing out of these ideas."

    That led a reporter to ask Bush if he planned on seeing former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore's movie on global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth." "No, I'm not going to be doing that," he said, before offering a thumbnail review of "X-Men: The Last Stand," which he called "excellent."

    Bush then noted that Gore's movie had about $500,000 in ticket sales compared to more than $130 million for X-Men. "So I was in the majority of opinion, apparently, on that," he said, before quickly adding, "in terms of entertainment. I respect Vice President Gore's advocacy. I think he's very sincere and I don't want to joke about that."

    Bush, a devout Catholic, was then asked his opinion of "The Da Vinci Code," a movie that has drawn some rebukes of heresy from Catholics. "I liked the book a lot better. The movie was disappointing," he said.

    He then hinted that he was finally ready to end ceaseless media speculation about his career after he leaves office in January due to term limits. "Movie critic. That's what I'm going to do," he said.


    For native Floridians fearfully studying the Weather Channel for tropical depressions and expected landfalls, the idea that tourists are still coming to the state by the millions may be surprising.

    They still are visiting the state, but the numbers may be steadying because of high gas prices and the images of eight hurricanes hitting Florida in the past two years.

    Visit Florida, the state's tourism agency, said 23.3 million tourists came to the state in the first three months of this year, a slight drop from 23.8 million in 2005. The agency is predicting a 3.2 percent increase in visitors this year. But Gov. Bush said he's "cautious" about the trend.

    "I'm always concerned about our No. 1 industry," he said last week. "You've got to remember we've got higher energy costs that make it a higher cost to fly, a higher cost to drive. Eight hurricanes gives you a reason to redouble your efforts to make sure that people know Florida is open for business. I think `cautious' is probably the better term rather than `overly concerned,' " he said.

    One thing Bush is concerned about is the possibility of more hurricanes this year. During last week's Cabinet meeting, Bush made note of the prayer beads he carries in his pocket.

    Bush said he carries rosary or prayer beads with him "all year-round. It gives me comfort These are prayer beads but I have rosary beads that I carry around during hurricane season as well."
  2. Viewing Algers movie is no mark of intelligence.

    But since you brought up Jeb, don't forget his bellligerent, moron son who called anyone against the Dubai posts deal a racist. Viva la Bush . . .
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    Given that Florida has no income tax and mild sales tax ect. (a pack of smokes costs less than 4 bucks) the state is in superb fiscal shape.

    I'd guess that the slight downtick in tourism had more to do with the balmy winter up north than any other factor.

    Even Florida liberals give Jeb pretty high marks as governor.
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    Perhaps he saw the "Day After" which is essentially the same movie. Gore is a nob. I'd give 7/2 that the affect of human activity on Global Warming is neglible, for no other reason than this type of results nearly always turn out wrong.
    Once this is established perhaps he can put that on his tombstone... "Inventor of the Internet And Global Warming"
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    what a world ... this guy chastises the man for praying.

    I'd imagine a majority of the founding fathers did the same when they were creating this country. LUCKY US!! Although, those right-wing religious nut-cases probably would have done better had they taken a public-opinion poll, rather than rely on the dogma of religiuos indoctrination.

    UNBELIEVABLE, a member of the progressive, tolerant, open-minded left openly displays contempt for those who are "diverse" in their system of beliefs.

    For Shame!
  6. I chastise the man for going to see a fantasy about mutants and a fantasy about Catholicism before seeing a movie about the reality of the view of scientists that would educate him to a different point of view.

    Jeb is another boob....

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    What is funny is how the intellectual community is intellectually bankrupt!
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    As far as I've read, the movie contains NOTHING NEW. So the movie provides little opportunity to do anything but create a profound sense of paranoia.

    This actually would make a good poll:

    I believe Global Warming to be:

    i. a paranoid delusion of the left, to support their belief that man is the most evil destructive entity in the universe, and free abortions from the government is the only way to rid the planet of our species

    ii.... I'll just stop at i.

    only time will tell ...
  10. Politicians who flaunt their religion are frauds....

    Republicans who ignore the entire scientific community in favor of their own religious belief systems are buffoons....

    Catholics who ignore the church's position on seeing and reading the Da Vinci Code, are not good Catholics....

    So what do we have?

    Another moron named Bush....

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