Jeb Bush On Sarah Palin: If She Only Had A Brain

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  1. lol even republicans know deep down sarah is lacking:

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has some advice for Sarah Palin: You'd be a great, if you only had a brain.

    In a recent interview with Newsmax, Bush was asked whether he thought Palin was a viable candidate for president. Though he had some nice things to say about her "charisma," it was clear that Bush thinks Palin doesn't have the intellectual heft to occupy the oval office. He said that Palin's success depends on her willingness to add a "depth of understanding of the complexity of life we're living in today" to her rhetoric.

    "That's up to her," he said. "I mean, I don't know what her deal is, but my belief is in 2010 and 2012, public leaders need to have intellectual curiosity."
  2. Apparently that comment did not apply to 2000 and 2004 when his brother was criticized for the same flaw and got elected none the less.

    Perhaps Jeb is testing the water for 2012 as well.
  3. Yeah, I wonder if he appreciates the irony. Certainly the same criticism could be leveled at both his father and brother.

    The sad thing is that he might have been the republican's best candidate, but given the experience with Bushes 41 and 43, no thank you.
  4. i do think jeb is the smarter bush.
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    Likely why they (Rove and company) chose W in 2000. They knew they couldn't bullshit Jeb into invading Iraq for no good reason. But yeah we don't need another Bush in the WH anytime soon; give it a rest for half a century at least.
  6. As for frequent "O'Reilly Factor" guest Sarah Palin, O'Reilly says she absolutely wants to run but has to weigh whether she wants to put her family through the process. And, he added, she needs to study up.

    "Sarah Palin needs to go to college," O'Reilly said. "Political college, world affairs college, and she is. She's hired a bunch of advisers and they're giving her a whole bunch of tracks to learn, because it is a sophisticated deal."