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  1. 'appealing to emotions, operating out of fear' and all that. And even Karl Rove, the brains of the Bush family elections, is saying this:

    Former Bush White House Senior Adviser Karl Rove said he shared Jeb Bush's concern Thursday in an interview on "Fox News." "Look, I share his concern," he said. "These debates have tended to sort of focus the effort on exactly what he says -- operating out of fear, in part, because of the nature of the kind of questions and the fact that they're all trying to gain an advantage over each other.

    This from Fox news.

    I've spoken out often on Jeb Bush. I think he is one of the GOP's best chances, but in the same article, discounted 2012 election ideas. Bush and Christie in 2016 would be a good bet, and you heard it here, well maybe not first, but at least early.


  2. pspr


    As I've said before, there is no way they are going to throw out everyones primary vote and go with candidates that weren't even running in the primary. It just won't happen.
  3. You're probably right, no pun intended.

    Seriously though, don't you think Jeb would be a great candidate?

  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    I think George Bush pretty much summed up my feelings about voting for another Bush when he said....

    "There is an old saying in tenesse i know thats in texas that says fool me once shame on.... shame on you.... fool me... we cant get fooled again" :D

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  5. Jeb Bush is actually the best of the entire lot. I got the feeling that there was a very large "wedge" between he and his brother during the final years of the Dubya administration.

    Unfortunately, I just can't see Jeb overcoming the stigma attached to the family at this point. Eight years of Dubya soured even most card carrying members of the Republican party. I fear that he would spend more time trying to prove that he's NOT his brother, as opposed to exploring better options for running the country.
  6. pspr


    I lived in Florida when Jeb was Gov. He was pretty popular. I just think you need to be involved in the primary and do the work and raise the money and be able to stay in the game in order to be considered for the nomination. Nothing against Jeb, he just didn't play the game or get veted by the process and doesn't deserve the nomination.

    If that weren't enough. It's too soon for another Bush.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    I think that pretty much sums up how i feel about voting for another Bush.... In trading and in life you are bound to make mistakes, and i can handle making a mistake one time.... we all make mistakes, we all take losses....

    What i try to avoid in trading and in life is making the same mistake twice.... I have already learned the lesson about going back to a stock that has just killed me and trying to hit it again that day..... there is nothing that makes you feel like more of a putz, than getting killed on a trade, and coming back to the exact same goddamn stock again, only to get crushed one more time.... you feel like a complete bozo after....

    I can handle missing a trade, i cant handle banging my head against the wall, when i should have known the position was a loser based on previous experience.....

    Based on this, I will never vote for another Bush. Period.

  8. rew


    No he would suck horribly. If another Bush gets elected it will be proof that God hates America and is punishing us for our wickedness.
  9. Gotta love those 'bushisms' - although I don't think Jeb would nearly give us as many examples. Pretty smart guy, IMO.

  10. jem


    I lived in Florida then.
    Florida was a mess when he got out of office.
    While he was in office it was a well run state.
    A pleasure to live in.
    Economy was 1 reason
    his competence another.

    but, his brother was such a money spending crony loving obama lite.... I do not think I could vote for his brother unless I had to.
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