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  1. The video below is for a two lovers that decided to finally come out of the closet! One of them is the Tunisian Prime Minister Hamdi Al Jabali who happened to be a member of the Brotherhood Muslim, a radical group that we tried to rid the Middle East of. You would know who his lover is after watching the video.
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    I'm not gonna watch. I'll take your word for it.

    Don't one have to have a facebook account to watch a video on facebook? I don't do facebook.
  3. You could still open it.
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    Meant to say "Doesn't" not "Don't".

    My english is getting atrocious. Who is the other guy?
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh...You are spoiling it! Start from the 20th second.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Max E.

    Sameeh55, this is a legitimate question, so dont take this the wrong way, but i was just wondering, what countries in the middle east you think have a reasonable chance of being converted into some kind of society that would in anyway mimic a society in the rest of the world, whereby women and men have somewhat equal right, and the laws are not archaic?

    Do you think that any these countries where there are uprisings will end up with some sort of equality, or civilised society? I am curious, because i dont know enough about it, and all i get is our opinion ifrom people in America.

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  9. I read the Two parts and I agree with it word for word.
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    Max E.

    I actually agree that the people we gave power to in libya were extremists, Al Quaeda and the muslim brotherhood..... and it makes no sense to me, we handed the country over to people who want to kill us....

    Why is it that we never heard anything from these moderate groups you talk about who were also fighting to take control in Libya?

    Why dont we see these moderate groups taking control in Egypt where the U.S. had no military presence? How did the muslim brotherhood gain control in egypt?

    How does it serve U.S. interests to have radical groups who want to kill us in control of all these countries? Whats the endgame, whats the motive?

    Again i am asking because i want to understand your point of view...

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