JDSU up 30% in Toronto.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by taodr, Jan 19, 2004.

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    JDSU is up 30% in Toronto right now. Don't see any news. Looks like a bunch of shorts will get drowned in this tomorrow!
  2. good. im long. people are having visions of 1999 all over again in telecom. long nt,tqnt,jdsu,txcc,adct,ocpi in that sector. wish i had more.

  3. Yup, nt also active . First time in years I've had a reason to look up a quote on the TSX lol.
  4. KavMan


    I have a good amount of shares in JDSU :D :p
  5. The short interest in JDSU is only 1.55% acording to my data provider.
  6. mark1

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    Hey I still have some shares of NT from 1999.
    Who's the loser now uh!?!?!? :D :D :D
  7. im hearing there are buyout rumors floating around on jdsu.im selling into premarket tomorrow.
  8. LOL.
  9. Five year plan: long term, purely speculative. ORB on Toronto.
  10. here is a repost from another list...

    not sure of how accurate it is....

    "This is a copy of the Ottawa Citizen Article (sorry I don't have the date, just a copy): Wachovia Securities said JDS Uniphase is winning new business with Cisco Systems, Ciena Corp. and other customers at the expense of competitiors. It now expects JDSU will have $630.5 million in sales in the fiscal year that ends next June, almost $80 million higher than the previous forcast. "

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