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  1. JCREW: 1 year price target?
    I bought in the 10's for long term hold

    Barclays upgraded JCG to Equal Weight from Underweight. The firm also moved their 2009 estimate to $0.57 from $0.40. The firm notes that at almost $250 per sq ft, JCG's SG&A expenses are the 3rd highest in their universe, behind only ANF and CHS. Yet the firm believes that the year should benefit from initiatives, discussed at the recent ICR conference, to trim expenses by ~$25m annually. So all in all, the firm believes mgmt is doing the right things, the long-term sq footage opportunity is attractive and their '09 est is no longer an outlier.
  2. I really like this stock too. I hate the clothes, personally, but women? Shit, that's the first place my GF and sister go when we go to the mall. And it shows, the men section is constantly getting smaller.

    Add to that the fact that Michelle Obama loves the place too.......

    Add to that a retail veteran Drexler, who basically put GAP on the map.

    I think you could be waiting for a while..........but this is a quality name with solid management and tremendous brand loyalty.

    One problem, Target basically uses J.Crew as a template for their women's line. Regardless, both have their niche.
  3. There's the Obama bump to consider too.
  4. No worries...my wife is doing her best to keep this company's business strong. :)